Unraveling the complexities of a digital future

Options Magazine, Winter 2019: The pace of digital transformation is accelerating and in the process redefining traditional industry sectors and how we live and work.

In our cover feature, we look at how the digital revolution is changing the world we live in, and how data, algorithms, and insights gained from our use of digital technologies can be used to leverage action towards sustainable development. We also explore how climate change is driving global demand for electricity due to rising temperatures in light of access to energy needed for cooling. Our National Member Organization feature focuses on the strong collaborative relationships between Brazilian and IIASA scientists, and how this is supporting a thriving research community working towards informing policy decisions for a sustainable future.

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Feature articles:
27 November 2019
Unraveling the complexities of a digital future

Options Winter 2019/20:The pace of digital transformation is accelerating and in the process redefining traditional industry sectors and how we live and work.  More

26 November 2019
Nobody left behind

Options Winter 2019/20:Mitigating climate change while increasing energy access may seem to be at odds, but IIASA research is helping policymakers find a path forward.  More

25 November 2019
For clues to Earth's fate, look to the eyes in space

Options Winter 2019/20:Satellite-based Earth observation is an important source of baseline information when developing global models of land use and land use change. IIASA researchers are at the vanguard of interpreting a new flood of this data for clues to our survival.  More

24 November 2019
IIASA and Brazil: A partnership to underpin systems analysis in the tropics

Options Winter 2019/20:The strong relationship that Brazilian and IIASA scientists have forged over the years is supporting a thriving research community exploring issues affecting the country with a view on informing policy decisions for sustainable development.  More

23 November 2019
Interview: Defining robust pathways for a sustainable future

Options Winter 2019/20:Q&A with newly appointed IIASA Deputy Director General for Science, Leena Srivastava.  More

22 November 2019
Interview: In the field of land use management, systems are the starting point

Options Winter 2019/20:Q&A with former IIASA Science Advisory Committee member Eric Lambin, who has been honored with the 2019 Blue Planet Prize, which is widely considered as the Nobel Prize for science that contributes to solving global environmental problems.  More

21 November 2019
Dedicated to interdisciplinary research

Options Winter 2019/20: Nebojsa Nakicenovic is the former IIASA Deputy Director General and has spent over 40 years serving the institute.  More

20 November 2019
Where are they now: Miho Kamei

Options Winter 2019/20: Miho Kamei was a participant of the Young Scientists Summer Program (YSSP) at IIASA in 2014.  More

19 November 2019
Strengthening air quality management in China

Options Winter 2019/20:The Chinese Government has officially adopted the IIASA Greenhouse Gases – Air Pollution Interactions and Synergies (GAINS) model to strengthen air quality management in the country.  More

18 November 2019
Is shale gas a viable solution for South Africa’s energy challenge?

Options Winter 2019/20: IIASA researchers looked into the potential of shale gas exploitation as a solution to South Africa’s energy requirements and fast-rising greenhouse gas emissions.  More

17 November 2019
Determinants of capital flows to emerging economies: The case of Mexico

Options Winter 2019/20: Capital flows to Mexico began increasing with the recovery of global markets mid-2009 and are still continuing. IIASA researchers looked into the determinants of different types of capital flows to the country.  More

16 November 2019
Achieving climate mitigation amidst an uncertain nuclear policy

Options Winter 2019/20: Researchers from the IIASA Energy Program explored the implications of Japan’s long term climate mitigation target and the relevance of the country’s uncertain nuclear policy.  More

15 November 2019
Implementing effective forest management in South Korea

Options Winter 2019/20: The South Korea Forest Service will have to implement effective forest management practices if they want to sustainably achieve the country’s aim of increasing timber extraction.  More

14 November 2019
Protecting against pest outbreaks through modeling

Options Winter 2019/20: A newly developed multi-scale network model can help to mitigate the spreading potential of pests.  More

13 November 2019
Improving urban landscapes through crowdsourcing

Options Winter 2019/20: The CityOases crowdsourcing app aims to address some of the challenges to healthy, happy living in the city of Vienna using crowdsourced data to revive green spaces and promote sustainable urban development.  More

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