20 November 2019

Where are they now: Miho Kamei

Options Winter 2019/20: Miho Kamei was a participant of the Young Scientists Summer Program (YSSP) at IIASA in 2014.

Miho Kamei

Miho Kamei

Miho Kamei is currently a policy researcher at the Strategic and Quantitative Analysis Centre at the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) in Japan. IGES is the organization representing the Japanese IIASA National Member Organization (NMO) Secretariat. She works on developing long-term sustainable development strategies – mainly for cities – which is similar to the research topic she explored during the 2014 IIASA Young Scientists Summer Program (YSSP).

“The YSSP was a great experience, and the most important aspect for me has been joining the YSSP and IIASA family. I have made great connections with former YSSPers from various years not only mine, and have the privilege to continuously collaborate with IIASA colleagues,” states Kamei.

At IGES, Kamei is now aiming to produce an effective evaluation tool after previously having developed an alternative scenario analysis for cities. The analyses she works on are useful for communicating with policymakers and supporting policy-making processes. She is currently working with government officials to develop effective long-term sustainable strategies for cities.

Over the last two years, Kamei has been involved in The World In 2050 (TWI2050) consortium. This summer, she participated in the CD-Links summer school – again reconnecting with many IIASA colleagues and former YSSPers. In addition, she says, she always looks forward to reconnecting with former YSSPers at the annual Integrated Assessment Modeling Consortium.

Kamei also helps IIASA alumni in Japan to connect. She first had the chance to join a small alumni meeting in March 2019, and since she joined IGES, she’s been trying to expand this network and organized a larger meeting in May that same year.

“We found the IIASA alumni network to be very important, across all generations. That’s why we’re trying to gather everyone together for another big “family” meeting soon.”

By Monika Bauer

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Monika Bauer

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IIASA Network and Alumni Officer Communications - Communications and External Relations Department

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