Past Issues of Options: 2010 to 2013

Between the lines

Options Magazine, Summer 2013: The articles in the latest issue of IIASA's bi-yearly magazine Options show the value of looking “between the lines” to find lasting solutions to the major challenges facing our world. More

Seven Critical Issues at Rio+20 

Options Magazine, Summer 2012: Discussions at Rio+20, the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, highlighted seven areas which need priority attention; these include energy, sustainable cities, food security and sustainable agriculture, water, oceans, disaster readiness, and decent jobs.  More

Options Magazine: Green

Options Magazine, Summer 2010: Opportunities exist to use clean “green” technologies to deliver growth without putting the future of our planet or the health of the local population at risk. The summer 2010 issue of Options looks at the technically and economically feasible pathways to transform to a low-carbon economy. More

and Climate Change

Options Magazine, Winter 2010/2011: Energy production and consumption, including heating, electricity and transportation, contribute over 80 percent to all greenhouse gas emissions in the world, making a combined study of them essential. The winter 2010/2011 issue of Options focuses on IIASA’s studies of energy and climate change. More

Wellbeing and Sustainable Development

Options Magazine, Winter 2011/12: Historically, development and economic growth have been key to bringing significant numbers of people out of poverty. But such growth must be sustainable if today’s world is to be fair to future generations. The winter 2011/2012 issue of Options brings together IIASA research into poverty and equity with research on sustainable development. More

Food & Water

Options Magazine, Summer 2011: Meeting the growing global demand for food and freshwater is a major global challenge and necessitates improved management of the world’s land, water resources, and ecosystems. The summer 2011 issue of Options presents recent IIASA research into the smarter management of food and water resources. More

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