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Options Magazine, Summer 2010:

Opportunities exist to use clean “green” technologies to deliver growth without putting the future of our planet or the health of the local population at risk. The summer 2010 issue of Options looks at the technically and economically feasible pathways to transform to a low-carbon economy.

This issue of Options looks at the transition to a low-carbon economy, spurred principally by the need to mitigate global warming. As we enter what is being hailed as the biggest paradigm shift since the industrial revolution, it looks at the work being carried out by scientists at IIASA and its worldwide network of partners and collaborators in the field of renewable energy, advanced environmental forecasting and monitoring, sustainable water management, and many other key areas.

with transformation: What we can learn from natural systems 

Options Magazine, Summer 2010:  Society is now at a stage in history in which one pulse is ending and another beginning. More

renewable electricity in Europe and North Africa by 2050 — from vision to

Options Magazine, Summer 2010:  A new blueprint indicates that, while the vision of a Europe powered by renewable energy is technologically feasible, new policies and investment behaviors will be needed to achieve this. More

the power of satellites

Options Magazine, Summer 2010:  IIASA scientists are working closely with space agencies and research institutions to develop and verify the way satellites collect and process information about the global carbon cycle. More

the global MDG effort

Options Magazine, Summer 2010:  Tackling the world’s energy challenges will help achieve many of the Millennium Development Goals, says IIASA’s Nebojsa Nakicenovic. More

nitrogen scarcity

Options Magazine, Summer 2010:  Nitrogen fertilizer can boost crop yields, but overuse leads to harmful environmental consequences. More

green and blue water

Options Magazine, Summer 2010:  Improving the management of green water has enormous potential to produce more crop per drop of water. More

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