25 October 2016

In celebration of IIASA's 44th Birthday

This October, IIASA celebrated it's 44th Birthday. For this occasion, quotes from the first IIASA Conference held in May 1976, in honor of the Institute's 3rd Birthday, are featured.

Howard Raiffa and Jermen Gvishiani sign IIASA's Charter

Howard Raiffa and Jermen Gvishiani sign IIASA's Charter

"Convinced that science and technology, if wisely directed, can benefit all mankind, 
Believing that international co-operation between national institutions promotes co-operation between nations and so the economic and social progress of peoples"
Preamble to the IIASA Charter

"...And I should like to close with this plea: the power you have is greater than most of you probably believe. With what you know and what you can do, you can exercise great political influence. You must make use of this capability..." 
Welcome Address by Bruno Kreisky, then Federal Chancellor of Austria 

"In congratulating your achievement, may I also encourage you to work even more intensely on the programs before you. Whether it be in energy systems or water resources, food considerations or regional development, IIASA's scientific effort is important not only for our own communities but for the entire world." 
message from Henry A. Kissinger, then US Secretary of State

"This 'spirit of IIASA' is one of our major acievements and the basis for future successes of all the key projects and programs. Therefore our main objective is to maintain the IIASA spirit, develop and strengthen its traditions, and pursue the noble and peaceful purposes for which IIASA was created." 
The Concept of IIASA by Jermen Gvishiani, 1st Chairman of the IIASA Council and then Deputy Chairman of the State Committee for Science and Technology of the Council of Ministers of the USSR

"I suspect that there might come a crucial period in world affairs -- a time of crisis perhaps -- when IIASA will be called upon by our world leaders to play an increasingly important role: a role that might include examination of radically new solutions to truly global problems. ... 'Let us be courageous. Let us believe in ourselves. Let us create an institution that is relevant for the precarious world we live in."
Creating an International Research Institution by Howard Raiffa, IIASA's 1st Director

16.10 IIASA History

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