18 July 2016 - 21 July 2016
Sochi, Russia

Data Intensive Systems Analysis for Geohazard Studies

This international conference focuses on systems analysis and its application to geophysical observations, data mining and geo-informatics. One of the conference’s main topics is the on-going Arctic transformation – an issue that requires an applied systems analysis approach.

© Andrei Lunyachek | Dreamstime

© Andrei Lunyachek | Dreamstime

From researchers, computer experts and observers to technical end-users and decision makers: the international conference in the Sochi Olympic Village brings together experts, academics and practitioners, to discuss the detection of natural and man-made hazards by applying systems analysis. Sophisticated data analysis and a holistic Earth science approach are crucial to draw comprehensive information from hazards of extreme conditions. 

The conference which is co-chaired by Professor Dr. Pavel Kabat (IIASA Director General and CEO) and Academician Professor Alexei Gvishiani (Director of Geophysical Center of RAS and IIASA’s Council Member for Russia), and co-organized by IIASA, the Geophysical Center RAS and the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, is the fifth in a series of meetings dedicated to applied systems analysis – the last conference in 2013 in Kaluga was co-organized by IIASA and the Russian Academy of Sciences. A special focus of interest at this years’ important scientific event is the vast and rapid transformation of the Arctic and it surrounding areas. A proposed IIASA Arctic Futures Initiatives workshop as part of the conference will bring these ongoing changes and increasing pressures to attention.

Tentative list of sessions

• Geophysical systems dynamics, data analysis and extreme events

• Hazards in the Earth’s electro-magnetic environment and geomagnetic observations

• Earth surface hazards: tectonic and induced earthquakes, volcano activity, landslides, sandstorms

• Climate, geophysical, and ecological extremes in the Arctic region

• GIS technology for Earth science and practical applications

• Geoinformatic maintenance of safety of mining and underground construction

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