22 March 2016

Open access policy brings IIASA science to a wider audience

The institute’s new open access policy makes more research publications available online for free.

©Jisc and Matt Lincoln CC BY-NC-ND

©Jisc and Matt Lincoln CC BY-NC-ND

According to the new IIASA open access policy it is now mandatory as of 2016 for researchers at the institute to deposit a version of scholarly papers in the repository and make them freely accessible. Already, hundreds of publications have been made available via the IIASA Web site. 

Even if a paper is published in a subscription journal or conference proceedings volume, it is still possible, in most cases, to make a copy of it freely available. Whenever permitted, visitors to the IIASA Web site will now find not only a reference but also a version of the document available for download. 

The new policy reflects the institute’s commitment to advancing open access to scholarly publications, as a signatory to the Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities

Scholarly knowledge is a public good, rendered useful only when it can be shared and utilized. Publications are the core product of scholarship. The digital revolution has made a large body of information accessible from every place and at all times, but in many cases this has excluded academic papers. The aim of the new open access policy is to make sure that all IIASA publications as of 2016 are available free of charge on the internet. At the same time IIASA library staff members are working on collecting versions of previously published papers to enrich the institute’s digital collection. This will be beneficial not only to research, but to society at large. 

Along with the new policy, the institute has rolled out a new publications repository (PURE) for managing its research publications, which complies with the guidelines of funding institutions such as the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 scheme. 

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Last edited: 22 March 2016


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