Fitness in Laxenburg

Discover sports activities in Laxenburg 

Football (Soccer)
Soccer is played at IIASA during the summer months in anticipation of the YSSP vs Staff game at the end of the summer. Games are played behind the Schloss Resaurant once a week. The IIASA Soccer Team also participates in various tournaments around Laxenburg.

Laxenburg has a small outdoor swimming pool, located on the way out of town on the road towards Munchendorf and Eisenstadt, accessible by foot or bike. A special deal is offered to IIASA staff using the pool during lunch time and after working hours.

Yoga and Gym Classes
IIASA has its own instructors for Yoga (Tuesday, Thursday) and Gym Class (Monday,Wednesday, Friday).

Table Tennis
A table tennis table can be found at the Garage next to the Lederleitner parking lot. The IIASA Table Tennis Club (iiTTC) mainly derived from the idea of having a proper organized full year competition system. You can join the club for free by registering on the website, then you can arrange matches and enter the result online. Also check the Table Tennis Website.

For more details please see the Tennis Club Website.

The park located directly behind IIASA has a variety of paved and dirt paths suitable for walking and running. It can be accessed from a variety of gates, using your IIASA key. Access through the main gate is free to IIASA staff.

Volleyball is played each summer at IIASA and is popular with the YSSP's, usually played once a week. The season culminates in a YSSP vs. Staff game at the end of the summer. A net is set up behind the Schloss restaurant with balls provided.

There are many bikers at IIASA. Ask around to get the best route for your journey.

o Leihradl: Hire a 3 gear bike in Laxenburg, Moedling or surrounding places and just go (30 min for free, 1h = 1 Euro, 24 h = 5 Euros). Simply look out for the bike stations. They have blue-white bikes and billborads with “Leihradl"?. There are 3 stations in Laxenburg. To use them you need to register first. Just follow the instructions given at the stations or .

o find lots of biking suggestions here

o second hand market for bikes -> choose category (on left menu bar): "Fahrraeder". Think to select Vienna as region.

o a useful description for students from the Simmering hostel will be the path “From Vienna (III. district) passing Simmering to Laxenburg (green route)”.

o Route planner, particularly for biking and public transport in Vienna, Niederoesterreich and Burgenland

o A crowd-sourced map with an open license based on Openstreetmap which shows bicycle paths and bicycle-friendly roads (incomplete in some places due to its crowd-sourced nature but still useful)

o Cycle maps for Vienna (Link Webshop to the right)

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