21 June 2013
Vienna, Austria

3rd Viennese Talks on Resilience Research and Networks

IIASA is co-hosting a workshop to discuss managing cohesion in a world under stress - when networks fall apart. 

Increased global economic competition and selective pressure, obvious rising interdependence
and non-linear complexity of socio-ecological systems, the almost explosive acceleration of
communication and information stimuli have noticeably increased stress in our world

The outcome of stress can be found everywhere: isolation, fragmentation, over-specialization,
loss of diversity, tribalization and lack of common vision are the result of a world where agents try to cope with the “aggression” of excess or shortage of resources or information and fight for maintaining their integrity as individuals. The capacity to innovate, to adapt, and to cope with change is significantly diminished.

To understand the driving factors of networks capable to manage stress and to cope with
disturbances and surprise is linked with one core question: What holds socio-ecological
networks together and keeping them from falling apart?

The workshop brings together scientists, activists, and entrepreneurs from the field of systems
ecology, network theory, resilience theory, urban ecology, social dynamics, etc. to discuss the
role of ecological and social cohesion within the broader framework of resilience theory.

Date: Friday, June 21 st, 09:00am – 05:00pm

Place: House of Industry, Urban Saal, Schwarzenbergplatz 4, 1031 Wien

Speakers include: Claudia Pahl-Wostl, Reinhard Mechler, Brian Fath, and others.

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Brian Fath

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