26 February 2016

Vittorio Loreto visited IIASA

Vittorio Loreto (Sapienza University of Rome, Italy) visited IIASA and gave a talk in the framework of the Systemic Risk and Network Dynamics project on "Gaming, innovation and learning: new tools to face societal challenges" on 26 February, 2016.


The societal challenges of our rapidly changing world call for a need to increase the number of people who are capable to understand our environment, adapt to it and explore new solutions in ever-changing and unpredictable conditions. Techno-social systems is the locution more and more adopted to quickly refer to social systems in which technology entangles, in an original and unpredictable way, cognitive, behavioural and social aspects of human beings. This framework is opening tremendous opportunities to address the challenges of our societies. In this talk I'll review some of the progress we have been witnessing in the last few years and describe how the new tools are being deployed to understand our societies and eventually steer them in virtuous directions. I'll focus in particular on how web-based experiments, data science and theoretical modeling can be blended in a unique experimental, mathematical and computational framework for a quantitative understanding of the determinants of learning and innovation processes.

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