Testimonials from former ASA YSSPers

“It’s a great summer that I met so many talented and hardworking young scientists. I learned a lot from them, e. g. systems analysis knowledge, efficient working mode, visualisation and presentation skills, etc. It’s a magical place where I can feel pressure, motivation and love.”

                                                                         Chenling Fu (China), YSSP 2019

"During the YSSP I met so many talented and friendly researchers from such diverse scientific and cultural backgrounds. I feel like my time at IIASA will result in many future collaborations!"

                                                                         Roope Kaaronen (Finland), YSSP 2019,
                                                                         Received the Honorable Mention

"I am extremely fortunate to have participated in IIASA YSSP. Working at IIASA, I was immersed in a diverse community comprising researchers with diverse academic, cultural, ethnic, and scientific backgrounds, benefitting me both professionally and personally.  The integrity of my dissertation research improved during this period, and the opportunities provided by IIASA helped me hone my ability to communicate narrow research topics to an interdisciplinary audience. I fear future professional experiences won't top this one..."

                                                                         Jessica Burnett (USA), YSSP 2018

"My YSSP has been one of the most formative experience in my academic career. It has been a pleasure to collaborate with such brilliant minds and get valuable support both from YSSP peers and from IIASA researchers. This experience has highly impacted my doctoral thesis."

                                                                         Alessandro Mancuso (Italy), YSSP 2018

"My experience with ASA was very rewarding, both personally and professionally. Researchers were also very approachable and eager to assist. We were always challenged and so we kept learning. Overall, it was a privilege to be part of this team for the summer."

                                                                         Lavinia Perumal (South Africa), YSSP 2017

"My YSSP experience and part of being ASA was the highlight of my PhD. My time at IIASA and ASA enabled me to have a fantastic network of collaborators and friends across the world. I learnt so much in three months talking to and listening to other scientists than I could have otherwise. I highly recommend taking time out of your PhD to apply to this program."

                                                                          Nemi Vora (USA), YSSP 2017

"I learned the idea of system thinking and network thinking from my YSSP experience in ASA. It was not only an eye-opening summer experience for me but also shaped my current research direction of incorporating such perspectives in urban analytics and city science”  

                                                                          Mingshu Wang (USA), YSSP 2016

"It was an extraordinary and unforgettable time that I spent at IIASA. I met many ambitious young scientists and experienced senior research fellows coming from different countries and working in various fields. We were working more like families than colleagues. The seminars and presentations held at IIASA really shared different points of view and gave me new perspectives on my work. It broadened my perspective and inspired my further research."

                                                                           Siyuan Yang (China), YSSP 2015

My summer as a YSSP student was one of the highlights of graduate school. The research discussions broadened the way I thought about ecology and ultimately enhanced my project, and developing relationships and sharing stories with students from literally all over the world was an experience that cannot be matched.                                                                                                                                                  Danielle Haak (USA), YSSP 2014,
                                                                            Winner of the Peccei Award

I gained remarkable experience during my participation in the YSSP. From the scientific side, working in a team of highly qualified specialists from diverse scientific areas, focusing on an interesting new theme of research involving mathematical modelling, sharing many interesting discussions and presentations among different research groups – all of these were so exciting, interesting, and new. Also, there was an engaging social program which provided opportunities to make connections with other YSSPers and to improve my English and communicative skills.
                                                                             Sergey Orlov (Russia), YSSP 2014

"I started my research career in complex system since I was a participant in YSSP at ASA program.  I believe that it is one of the best academic experiences I have had in my life".

                                                                              Luu Thi (Vietnam), YSSP 2014 

“An extremely enriching experience. The integrative exposure of the ASA program enabled me to make connections across disciplines in a way I had never anticipated before."

                                                                              Talha Manzoor (Pakistan), YSSP 2013


"During my time in ASA-YSSP, I have learned many things, not only related with science, but also with people and culture. It also gave me the opportunity to establish a large network of international collaborations."

                                                                              Pin Pin Oh (Malaysia), YSSP 2012,
                                                                              Winner of the Mikhalevich Award

"YSSP was a very positive and memorable summer in Laxenburg in 2011. I enjoyed the experience there with research and friendship. Thanks to all ASA and IIASA staff and fellow YSSPers!"
                                                                              Jing Dai (China), YSSP 2011

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