11 October 2016
12:30, Natural History Museum Vienna, Maria Theresienplatz, 1010 Wien

Citizen Science Day

IIASA, the Natural History Museum Vienna (NHM) and the Center for Citizen Science, established by the Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy (BMWFW), are jointly organizing the Citizen Science Day, where the main players in Citizen Science from Austria will share their projects with the general public. 

Crowd-People © Dreamstime

Crowd-People © Dreamstime

The main objective of the event is to integrate citizens into scientific research and promote citizen science as it can contribute to efficient and effective progress in science. Citizens will be able to learn about some of the existing citizen science projects in Austria and why they are important in tackling the world’s most pressing problems, such as deforestation and climate change. They will also get the chance to meet IIASA researchers, try out IIASA’s citizen science games and learn about our latest campaigns and prizes.

For registration and more information please visit the event page

Citizen Science

Citizen Science is the public engagement in scientific activities from research design to data collection and analysis (Sturn et al., 2015). IIASA, through its Ecosystem Services and Management Program, has been working on some novel citizen science projects. Picture Pile, for instance, aims at providing data that helps IIASA researchers build a better map of deforestation, and FotoQuest Austria allows participants to explore the outdoors while taking pictures and collecting observations for science, using smart phones. The overall objective of the project is to track and better understand the changes in land cover and land use, and eventually better analyze the impact of these changes on the environment.

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