ESM is interested in YSSP and Post-Doc applicants

The ESM Program has a long history of supporting and promoting YSSP students and Post-Docs. We select students and scholars from all over the globe, with multi-disciplinary interests related to ecosystem services. 

ESM is organized in three scientific centers, which are tightly integrated to carry out solution oriented integrated assessment work.

Center for Landscape, Resilience, and Management (CLR)

Center for Earth Observation and Citizen Science (EOCS)

Center for Environmental Resources and Development (ERD)

A selection of research fields within which our YSSP students undertake their studies and Post-Doc Scholars conduct their research in is listed below.

Applicants are encouraged to contact the program's Deputy Program Director, Florian Kraxner () for any scientific related questions.

ESM Selected Research Interests - Keywords:
Renewable Energy and Climate Change Mitigation



Energy production balanced with Ecosystems Services

Renewable energy systems


Sustainable biofuels

Energy systems optimization

Waste to energy

Forest bioenergy

Supply – demand modeling

Wind power

Agriculture bioenergy

Optimal scaling and siting

Wind energy

Negative emissions

Low carbon modeling


Low carbon society

Feedstock for bioenergy systems


Power to liquid/gas

Climate change impact assessment on forest fires

Hydro energy

Power/Heat distribution

Forest fires adaptation to climate change


District heating

Climate data processing

Energy portfolio assessment

Direct emission mitigation


Bioenergy with Carbon Capture and Storage BECCS

Pollutant reduction

Supply chain

Cost estimation

Social Systems

Science-policy interface

Decision Making

Participatory approaches

Social integration


Consumer surveys

Rural development

Public Opinion

Public opinion surveys


Stakeholder interaction

Consumer-driven tools and solutions

Land use and Ecosystems

Land-use modeling

Forest fires

Green building

Global modeling

Forest fires in Europe

Transport logistics

Forest governance

Tropical Futures

Ecosystem Services


Biophysical land-use modeling

Ecosystem Management

Forest Sector

Geographically / spatially explicit analysis

Sustainable Biomass

Forest management

Global modeling

Crop residuals

Forest certification

Integrated modeling


Forest products marketing

System Dynamics Modeling

Pipeline distribution

Forest Communication

Bottom-up modeling and analysis


Microeconomics (i.e. firm level)

Microeconomics energy sector

Microeconomics risk assessment and management microeconomics financial instruments for REDD

Microeconomics power generation


Real options

Spatially-explicit modeling, temporally-explicit models, gridded models

Soil conservation, soil chemistry, soil fertility, soil quality

Portfolio optimization

Food security, food production

Transformation, land conversion

assessment, life cycle assessment, environmental footprint

Optimal control theory - dynamic systems

Nutrient budget, nutrient imbalance, nutrient flows, carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus, biogeochemistry

Land use, land cover, land transformation, land conversion

Crop modeling, crop failure

Agricultural management, conservation agriculture, transitioning agriculture

For more information about the ESM program, please see the ESM web site

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Last edited: 21 April 2020


Petr Havlik

Research Group Leader and Principal Research Scholar Integrated Biosphere Futures Research Group - Biodiversity and Natural Resources Program

Steffen Fritz

Program Director and Principal Research Scholar Strategic Initiatives Program

Principal Research Scholar Novel Data Ecosystems for Sustainability Research Group - Advancing Systems Analysis Program

Florian Kraxner

Research Group Leader and Principal Research Scholar Agriculture, Forestry, and Ecosystem Services Research Group - Biodiversity and Natural Resources Program


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