Quantifying Projected Impacts Under 2°C Warming (IMPACT2C)

IMPACT2C enhances knowledge, quantifies climate change impacts, and adopts an analytical structure that includes climate and impacts modelling, vulnerabilities, risks and economic costs, as well as potential responses, for Europe.


IMPACT2C utilizes a range of models to assess the effects of climate warming of 2 degrees Celsius on water, energy, infrastructure, coasts, tourism, forestry, agriculture, ecosystems services, and health and air quality-climate interactions.

Harmonized socio-economic assumptions and scenarios will ensure that both individual and cross-sector assessments are aligned to the 2°C scenario for both impacts and adaptation, especially in relation to land-use pressures between agriculture and forestry.  Uncertainty is a core theme of IMPACT2C, and researchers will develop a methodological framework that integrates the uncertainties within and across the different sectors in a consistent way.

To complement the sector analysis, several case studies will be developed for particularly vulnerable areas, such as the Mediterranean, that are subject to multiple impacts from the 2°C change. The project will assesss climate change impacts in some of the world’s most vulnerable regions: Bangladesh, Africa (Nile and Niger basins), and the Maldives.

IIASA Research

IMPACT2C seeks to identify and quantify the impacts and most appropriate response strategies of a 2°C global warming scenario for Europe and three vulnerable regions in other parts of the world. IIASA contributes to this objective with its biophysical crop and forestry models to quantify impacts and will further develop its economic land use model GLOBIOM to help in the costing of different adaptation options.

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Last edited: 28 May 2014


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