Delivering Incentives to End Deforestation: Global Ambition, Private/Public Finance, and Zero-Deforestation Supply Chains (NORAD DITED)

The project's planned effect on society is to protect tropical forests and the carbon they contain, while supporting sustainable livelihoods for communities that depend on them by creating durable, large-scale economic incentives for forest protection through pay-for-performance policies (such as jurisdictional REDD+) and corporate commitments to zero-deforestation commodity supply chains, and building the finance approaches, institutional capacity and strong forest governance needed to respond effectively to those incentives.

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The project encompasses three initiatives in three interrelated spheres of action: (I) international policy and commitments; (II) private/public finance; and (III) zero-deforestation supply chains. Together, these initiatives will align donor funding, private investment, key state and local policy frameworks and first-mover company commitments in support of forest protection and sustainable economic growth and development in tropical agricultural frontiers. Taken together, these three initiatives will consolidate reductions in deforestation in the major agricultural regions of Brazil’s Amazon and stem further forest loss in the Amazon, while also promoting well-designed public policies and private sector commitments

IIASA Research

Researchers at  IIASA’s Ecosystems Services and Management Program are working on economic modeling and analysis that demonstrate the role of tropical forests in stabilizing global climate, modelling that supports the development of policy proposals for REDD+ markets, designs for private/public partnerships, and innovative financing and risk-reduction approaches for REDD+.

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