Impact of Technological Change in Europe (PROSUITE)

PROSUITE aimed to develop the tools needed to predict the impact of technological changes on Europe’s environment, economies, and social institutions over the next several decades.

Copyright ©2011 iStockphoto LP

Copyright ©2011 iStockphoto LP


The PROSUITE project developed the methods needed to analyze the environmental, economic, and social impacts of future technologies. It aimed to further  in  understanding of which technologies were likely to be the most beneficial and sustainable throughout their life cycles. The project helped to identify ways of selecting, promoting, and controlling technology development in fields such as biofuels, renewable energy, and recycling.

Researchers used case studies of technologies related to biofuels, nanotechnology, carbon capture and storage, and mobile communications devices to identify both their positive and negative aspects and also to develop a methodology to assess the sustainability of future technologies.

PROSUITE aimed to answer technology-related questions such as:

  • Can biofuel refineries cause environmental problems because of the increased land and water needed to support them?
  •  Is human exposure to nanomaterials a serious safety concern?
  • Are toxic materials used in cell phones and other telecommunications devices released into the environment during disposal?

IIASA Research

IIASA researchers developed models to analyze the impact of uncertainty and risk on the economics of technology adoption. They also developed new land use models to study the environmental impacts of agriculture and biomass production technologies.

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Michael Obersteiner

Principal Research Scholar Exploratory Modeling of Human-natural Systems Research Group - Advancing Systems Analysis Program


01.11.2009 - 31.10.2013

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