Facts against perceived truth

VODCAST - 05 March 2020 Wolfgang Lutz at the TV discussion Scobel


The end of the world seems near and everywhere we see violence, disease and poverty, but numbers say the exact opposite. World Population Program Director Wolfgang Lutz was a discussant at the ZDF TV show Scobel, that discussed the question why negative news dominate although the world is better than it seems. Together with Lutz, cognition and neuroscientist Maren Urner and sociologist Martin Schröder were guests at this TV discussion. It can be watched here (in German).

Since 1984 at IIASA, Lutz has worked on family demography, fertility analysis, population projection, and the interaction between population and environment. Together with his colleagues at POP, he has been expanding demographic methods to make them more relevant for the analysis of contemporary global policy challenges. He is an advocate in promoting the crucial role of education for dealing with future challenges.


Wolfgang Lutz

Interim Deputy Director General for Science Directorate - DDG for Science Department

Senior Advisor to the Program Population and Just Societies Program

Senior Advisor to the Program Social Cohesion, Health, and Wellbeing Research Group - Population and Just Societies Program

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