Age and Cohort Change

The central research theme of the Age and Cohort Change (ACC) project is the projection of social and economic change (skills, productivity, attitudes and beliefs) in all countries in the world over the coming decades. 

Understanding the age variation in productivity and how to improve senior workers skills and capacities are paramount for aging countries. Aging and cohort change alter values and belief structures. A better understanding of these changes is needed to improve the capacity to develop more targeted policies that relate to societal aging and other demographic change.

The ACC project focuses on two major topics:

Attitudes and Beliefs

ACC researches how demographic behavior affects the distribution of beliefs and attitudes within the population More

Human Capital, Skills, and Work Performance

Aging is affecting countries more profoundly than ever before, making it important to understand the skills and capacities of the over-50s. More

Project Leader

Vegard Skirbekk

Core Team


Caroline Berghammer, Alexia Fürnkranz-Prskawetz, Laura Romeu Gordo, Anne Goujon, Brian J. Grim, Conrad Hackett, Melissa Hardy, Eric Kaufmann, Samir KC, Elke Loichinger, Erling Lundevaller, Éric Caron Malenfant, Victoria Schreitter, Emma Terama, Muhammad Asif Wazir, Jovan Zamac

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