Task Force on Integrated Assessment Modelling

50th meeting
Virtual meeting
April 21-23, 2021

TFIAM 50th meeting
 I Opening of the meeting
News from bodies of the Air Convention, other bodies and objectives of the meeting Rob Maas / Stefan Åström
II Updates on European scientific assessments including CIAM & EPCAC
Across policy and pollution scales Zbigniew Klimont
FAIRMODE update Philippe Thunis
Marginal damage costs for air pollutants and externalities from European industrial facilities Simone Schucht / Mike Holland
Achievements of the ICP Vegetation in 2020 and future work plan Felicity Hayes
III Updates on national scientific assessments & NIAM
Impacts of individual emission-reduction measures on air quality and health in Spain Marta García Vivanco
Co-benefits of changing diet. A modelling assessment at the regional scale integrating social acceptability, environmental and health impacts Enrico Turrini
Policy development and IAM in the UK Helen Apsimon
The Italian NAPCP under the NEC Directive: Air Quality, Health Impact and Cost Assessment Antonio Piersanti
Low emission road transport scenarios: an integrated assessment of energy demand, air quality, GHG emissions and costs Elena De Angelis
Research Papers Presentation
1. Heat Pumps and Hotspots - The potential for air source heat pumps to address air pollution hotspots
2. Energy Poverty Risk Index - A dynamic spatial indicator for analysing energy poverty risk
Andrew Kelly
IV Presentations of activities aligned with the review of the Gothenburg protocol and TFIAM work plan
Status of the 2020 – 2021 TFIAM work plan and discussing the 2022-2023 work plan Co-chairs
Presentation of “Costs of Inaction” draft results Katarina Yaramenka
Presentation of “Ammonia Assessment Report“ Rob Maas
The TFTEI/TFIAM work on the reduction of BC due to limitation of PM
PM/BC guidance
Nadine Allemand / Stefan Åström
EPCAC – Expert Panel on Clean Air in Cities Guus Velders
Methodological development in GAINS for the GP Review – Understanding the scales better Gregor Kiesewetter
Stock-taking of the work plan item: regional outreach and knowledge sharing Co-chairs
Gothenburg Protocol Review Questions for TFIAM/CIAM, part 1 Co-chairs
Gothenburg Protocol Review Questions for TFIAM/CIAM, part 2 Co-chairs
Discussion and clarification of the respective roles of CIAM/TFIAM/NIAM/EPCAC Co-chairs
V Effects of COVID on air quality, (short term and long term)
A methodology to evaluate the Impacts of the COVID-19 lockdown on air pollution, with an application over Po Valley Enrico Pisoni
Effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on air quality in Germany Johanna Appelhans
Short-term effect of COVID lockdown measures on air quality in Europe Cristina Guerreiro

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