Resource Use Evaluation of Land Footprint Indicators

The project, "Causal analysis at macro- and meso-level: Development of land use indicators," will look at the extent of land area associated with different consumption patterns and lifestyles. Indicators and factors describing the intensity of land use and its interaction and intervention with ecosystems will then be developed.

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The project is based on a successful research conducted by a consortium consisting of the Europe Research Institute (SERI), IIASA, and the Ecologic Institute of Berlin. The Consortium was invited to submit a more detailed Stage 2 proposal to the Environmental Agency of Germany (UBA) on development of more detailed land use indicators to describe the intensity of land use and its interaction and intervention with ecosystems.

IIASA’s part of the analysis will develop land use indicators describing the complex land-food-water-energy nexus by applying the ecologic-economic modeling framework which includes three main components:

  • The FAO/IIASA Agro-ecological Zone model (GAEZ)
  • The IIASA world food system model (WFS)
  • The IIASA LANDFLOW model for quantification of commodity flows as agents of virtual land, water, carbon and nutrients flows or environmental change impacts.

The LANDFLOW methodology, which tracks “total land” and “deforested land” embodied in agricultural and forestry products from primary production in the country of origin to final utilization, will be amended by relevant land intensity indicators, including irrigation water use, carbon content and nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus).

Project partners

  • Europe Research Institute
  • Ecologic Institute of Berlin

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