Alterra - Wageningen UR

Alterra is part of the Netherlands' Wageningen University Research system and specializes in ecosystem studies, water and climate, soil science, and geo-information.

IIASA has worked with Alterra in the following areas:

15 January 2018
C-GLOPS: Copernicus Global Land Cover maps at a 100m resolution

The project aims to develop annual global land cover maps with a 100m resolution consistent over time, and has been tracking land cover changes since 2015. More

13 September 2016
LandSense: A Citizen Observatory and Innovation Marketplace for Land Use and Land Cover Monitoring

How can citizen-powered science coupled with mobile technology improve our understanding and governance of land use and land cover changes? More

06 September 2012
Biomass Role in Achieving the Climate Change & Renewable EU Targets, Demand and Supply Dynamics under the Perspective of Stakeholders (BIOMASSFutures)

The Biomass Futures Project assess the role that biomass can play in meeting EU energy policy targets. It develops tailored information packages for stakeholders, as well as inform and support policy makers at both the European and national levels. More

17 August 2012
Effects of Climate Change on Air Pollution and Response Strategies for European Ecosystems (ECLAIRE)

39 research partner institutions study the effects of climate change on ecosystems impacts in Europe and develop next generation European air pollution mitigation and adaptation strategies under climate change. More

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