09 November 2021
Online event

IUCA panel discussion

IIASA Researchers Thomas Schinko and Teresa Deubelli discuss tackling adaptation limits through transformational change

Photo 90934032 © Wanida Prapan | Dreamstime.com

Photo 90934032 © Wanida Prapan | Dreamstime.com

Dr. Schinko, leader of the Equity and Justice (EQU) Research Group in the Population and Just Societies (POPJUS) Research Program and Researcher Teresa Deubelli from the Systemic Risk and Resilience (SYRR) Research Group in the Advancing Systems Analysis (ASA) Research Program were invited by the International Universities Climate Alliance (IUCA) to represent IIASA's perspective in a panel discussion on Tackling adaptation limits through transformational change. The panel discussion is aimed at providing answers to questions such as: How will communities need to prepare for climate change? What are the limits of adaptation to climate-related hazards and processes?

Dr. Schinko has focused his research on the identification of just and inclusive climate risk management strategies, the understanding of risks and risk perceptions connected with climate change mitigation and adaptation options, and the ethical and politico-economic aspects in the context of a Just Transition towards a sustainable future. He argues that tackling the climate crisis is a challenge for society but it also opens up new opportunities for the economy. In this context, management consultants play a crucial role in the transformation of the economy.

Tuesday 9 November 2021

12.00 PM-1.30 PM CET

The event will be followed by a Q&A with the audience.

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Thomas Schinko

Research Group Leader and Research Scholar Equity and Justice Research Group - Population and Just Societies Program


Teresa Deubelli-Hwang

Researcher Equity and Justice Research Group - Population and Just Societies Program

Researcher Systemic Risk and Resilience Research Group - Advancing Systems Analysis Program


Deubelli, T and Venkateswaran, K (2021)

Transforming resilience-building today for sustainable futures tomorrow (working paper)


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