Research models, tools, and data

Research models, tools, and data of the Agriculture, Forestry, and Ecosystem Services Research Group.

Hybrid Land Cover of Russia

A system integration of ground and remote sensing data that parametrizes Russian territory at a 1km spatial resolution for forests and includes tree species, age, and biomass distribution. More


A model that optimizes the allocation of renewable energy systems from the local, regional, national or European level. More

The Global Forest Model (G4M)

Comparing incomes from forestry and alternative land uses More

The Environmental Policy Integrated Model (EPIC)

A model assessing how land management affects the environment More

Russian Forests and Forestry Database

Comprehensive downloadable data and analysis on the Russian forestry sector More

Global Forest Database

Downloadable global forest map at a half-degree resolution More

FeliX Model

A system dynamics model of social, economic, and environmental earth systems and their interdependencies. More


The wildfire climate impacts and adaptation model (FLAM) is used to reproduce historical and to project future burned areas, as well as to assess climate change impacts and adaptation options. More

BioGeoChemistry Management Model (BGC-MAN)

Assessing management impacts on the BioGeoChemistry of ecosystems More


The IIASA/ESM based BGC-MAN model was calibrated and validated with TrEco data for the dominant ecosystems and land use forms of the Congo basin, including virgin forests, managed forests, forest fallows after shifting cultivation and savannahs. More

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Last edited: 07 April 2021


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