Alumni Stories

A collection of memoirs, anecdotes, and stories while at IIASA.

Send us an email with your memories, stories, pictures, etc.

Alumni Stories

Howard Raiffa: The Founding of the Institute

Martha Wohlwendt: IIASA Employee #1

Ilse Holling: IIASA Employee Number 18

Ruth Steiner: Memoirs 1973-1983

István Sebestyén: History of IIASAnet & IIASA Gateway, 1973-1991

Jim Thompson: IIASA Cartoons from 1978 Conference Services Calendar

Arthur Munkenbeck: IIASA's Softball Team

Kenneth E. Boulding: Sonnets from Laxenburg from 1981

Jesse Ausubel: Interview: Can nature bounce back?

Eric Wood: Interview: From systems analysis to remote sensing

Leen Hordijk: Editorial: What is systems analysis?

Luis Castro: re-visits migration models 40 years later

Cesare Marchetti: From Terawatts to Witches: My Life with Logistics at IIASA

Andrei Rogers: Memoir: But in My Case: An Immigrant's Life Story

Tibor Vasko: The Signing of IIASA's Charter

Aviott John: A continuing transformation

Buzz Holling: IIASA's First Year

Irving Lefkowitz: Reminiscing about my IIASA Experiences in 1974-1975

Bruce Beck: The East meets the West in an IIASA office

Ralph Yorque: IIASA Song Book, written in 1978

Tim Carter: Softball Thoughts from 1984

Alan McDonald: Nuclear reactors and energy models

William Nordhaus: Blog: A new model for climate treaties

Andreas Schäfer: institute seminar on transportation & climate change

Ralph Keeney: Systems Analysis Conference 2015

Joanne Linnerooth-Bayer: 45 years of risk research at IIASA

W. Brian Arthur: Interview: How to achieve scientific excellence

IIASA Photo Gallery Archives

IIASA’s Photo Gallery is a password-protected archive chronicling IIASA’s history and social events. Alumni who would like to access the photos should send us a request. Likewise, we welcome contributions of additional photos and would be happy to respond to comments or questions about the alumni pages. 

We hope you enjoy the photographs!

16.10 IIASA History

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