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We are saddened to inform you that Linda Kneucker, Honorary Secretary of the IIASA Society, passed away on Monday, 23 January 2012. Linda joined IIASA in 1992 as part of the Office of Sponsored Research, where she provided valuable assistance and improvement to countless research proposals. Many of you had the pleasure of working with Linda during her years at OSR. Yet Linda will be most remembered for her tireless efforts building and expanding the role of the IIASA Society, the association of IIASA alumni. She took over the coordination of the IIASA Society in 1998, and soon became its heart and soul.  Even during her poor health last year she continued her dedication to the Society. Through personal assistance, correspondence and creative connections to present and former IIASA staff all over the world she embodied the best of the ‘IIASA Spirit’.  Highlights were the IIASA Alumni Days that Linda organized both in Vienna and with NMOs abroad. Her commitment and dedication to the Society were the essential elements for many of us in retaining a continuing invaluable connection with the Institute. She will be sorely missed. Our sincerest condolences go to her husband Raoul and their children.


Ruth Steiner and Holger Rogner

on behalf of the IIASA Society

Linda’s encouraging cordial warmth, enthusiasm and perseverating motivation to form a larger entity of IIASA alumni is a lasting example of deep humanity.

She has been continuously welcoming contributions for IIASA Society for the generation of a widely encompassing tissue of human relations.

By far, she has given much more than taken.  With my sincerest condolences, especially to Linda’s husband Raoul.

Gilbert Ahamer

I'm so very sorry to hear about the passing of Linda Kneucker.  The last time I met her was some years ago at IIASA and she told me then that she would be working more from home.  Even though it was probably more difficult for her to get around, she was still intent on working for IIASA.  Linda had a heart of gold. Please pass on my sincerest condolences to her family.

Margaret Traber

Zdenka and I are joining all the friends that are shocked by the news on Linda. It is difficult to accept the fact that she is not with us anymore. Best regards,

Zdenka and Tibor

Carla and I were saddened to learn of Linda's passing.

We first met her when we came to IIASA for my 70th birthday party. She was extremely helpful in organizing a reception event for IIASA alumni at that time. Their presence and welcome, enabled primarily by Linda, made the event even more special. Carla and I will always be grateful to her for that effort.

I subsequently came to know her through her promotion of the IIASA Society. I fully share her appreciation of the importance of the alumni to the Institute and of the Institute to most of its alumni. She was a steady force tugging the two together. Through her efforts they have drawn closer -- and we are all grateful. I hope that the Institute can find someone of equal dedication to carry her work forward.

In this difficult time, Carla's and my thoughts and sympathy are with you and your family. We hope that reflecting upon what she has accomplished and the lives she has helped to enrich will in some measure soften your sorrow.

With Carla's and my warm wishes,

I would like to express my condolences to all IIASA Society Members. We have lost a great person.

I would like to just add that Linda has made major efforts to offer the possibility for developing countries to benefit from IIASA research and YSSP activities. I remember how she did all the best to help me to joint YSSP-05. It was a success story, and Moldova has obtained for the first time a possibility to send a young scientist to participate in IIASA Program.


Sergiu Robu

My name is Keishiro Hara, one of the alumni of YSSP(2002) from Japan.

I am very shocked to receive this email. I clearly remember her continuous dedication to the enhancement of IIASA society.  Please accept my condolences.

I do believe that the IIASA and IIASA Society will be united for further development and prosperity, building on Linda's past dedication.

Best wishes,


Please convey my deepest and most sincere condolences on the loss of Linda Kneucker.  She and Raoul both played a part in my life, not only through IIASA, but also through the founding of Austria Today, the Austrian Government's diplomatic magazine, which I edited for 15 years.  It is a matter of great satisfaction to me that I was able to play a part in helping the Institute when it was suffering its greatest difficulties in the mid-1980s.  As a strong supporter of both the concept and the practical mission of IIASA I am aware of the fundamental role played by Sektionschef Kneucker in its establishment, aided and encouraged by Linda.  This day had to come, of course, sooner or later, but it will not diminish the regret that all Linda's many friends will feel at her loss.  My sympathy goes to all her family and friends.

James Wilkie

My sincere condolences to Linda´s family. I remember Linda quite a lot, her dynamism and enthusiasm was incredible. She presented to us the alumni as IIASA society (summer 2004) in Laxenburg, I was so surprise of her energy and practicalities. She was always promptly there when I contacted her.

Patricia Phumpiu

I am shocked to have  received the message of sad demise of Ms Linda Kneucker. Her contribution and encouragement to the Alumni of IIASA is on high esteem.  She would live in our hearts for all the times as a unique personality.
submitted with humbleness,

Dr Mutyala.R. Prakash

Please pass on to the family of Linda Kneucker, the American contingent's continuing admiration for all that Linda did to make IIASA the outstanding institution it is
especially in the human dimension. We will all miss her.

Donald Costello 

Please convey my sincere condolences to Linda’s family.  Regards,

Angela Ferrari

I am so very sorry to hear about this loss. I offer Linda’s family  my deepest condolences.

Krzysztof Bytomski

Please accept my sincere condolences!  With kind regards,

Johannes Hacker

The demise of Linda Kneucker is certainly sorrowful. I met her when I was YSSP participant at IIASA in 2007. Her dedicated and tireless efforts for IIASA society will ever be remembered. She ever advocated for the active participation of IIASA alumni in the Society. She will be missed deeply. May God Almighty grant the departed soul eternal peace in heaven and give the deceased family the courage to bear this blow. I am in woe with the deceased family. 

Best regards,

Arif Goheer

Thank you for letting us know of the sadly passing away of Linda.  She will certainly be remembered by her efforts and creative management of the IIASA Society.  She always ensured that we, alumni, were always informed of the ongoing in “our” IIASA and helped maintain the IIASA Spirit created in 1972.   I greatly appreciated and enjoyed the annual alumni meetings organized by Linda.

Please extend my sincere condolences to her family.  Regards,

Martha Wohlwendt

Heartiest condolences to the immediate family members and to the IIASA Society for this great loss.

May the Almighty bless her tired soul.

With sorrowful regards,

Sebouh Baghdoyan

Very unfortunate that Linda is no more. She was indeed an awesome person and gave it all for the IIASA family. She will be missed. My condolences to IIASA and her family.

Dr Ike Umejesi

I am very sorry to hear about Linda.  My thoughts and prayers are with her family.


Pat Bartos Grzeskowiak

We were very saddened to hear of Linda’s death. Many colleagues at IIASA, both past and present, have very fond memories of Linda. We all remember her for her tireless efforts to build the IIASA Society, and without Linda literally hundreds of alumni would have lost touch with the Institute. We also warmly remember the alumni events she organized, in particular the regular international dinner.

She was with IIASA for nearly twenty years, joining the Institute in 1992 and saw the Institute go through many changes. Many staff will be saddened to no longer see her in the corridors or at Thanksgiving or the 4th of July celebrations.

Our thoughts are with you at this difficult time, and we look forward to seeing you at the Institute in the not too distant future.

With best wishes,

Detlof and Naki

Our years only come to an end when we are no longer remembered. To remembrance!


So sad to hear of Linda’s passing.  My sincere condolences.  May her memory be for a blessing.

John Clark

Linda was my first friend at IIASA. She would take me out to lunches and talk about all the things that make life sweet and interesting.

I really loved her sense of humor and the way her voice sounded on the phone – soft and caring. My heart is grateful that I got the chance to spend some time with her and Raoul before Christmas 2011 at their apartment…sharing some Cremeschnitte and a good laugh.

She is sorely missed.


Dear Raoul,

My heartfelt condolences. I deeply regret your loss. I always enjoyed the time when Linda was around and will miss the nice conversations with Linda. My thoughts are with you and your family.


We would like to express our sincere condolences to the Kneucker Family.
We knew Linda as a very open, interested person and a good friend who is ready to help when needed.

Bettina and Geza

It really makes me sad to hear this ... she was such a warm-hearted person. Please forward my sincere condolences to Raoul.

Liebe Grü?e, Lothar

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