Former Director Leen Hordijk

Professor Leen Hordijk was IIASA Director from 2002-2008. He is recognized for his work in linking science and policy in international environmental affairs.

Leen Hordijk

Leen Hordijk

Professor Leen Hordijk has served in the capacity of project leader, Council member, and director of IIASA. Professor

He describes what systems analysis is in an Winter 2007 Options article. As systems analysis at IIASA is making an important contribution to solving some of the world’s most complex problems, the question arises what this term means and how do we define systems analysis?

In the following interview, Prof. Hordijk describes IIASA's transition from East-West to global institute, as well as the start of much of IIASA's policy relevant research in air pollution, the RAINS and GAINS models, and the Global Energy Assessment.

In 2019, Prof. Hordijk was interviewed on his 'Reflections on IIASA, systems analysis, and the IIASA community in the Netherlands,' while being professor emeritus at Wageningen University and special adviser to the Competence Centre on Modeling at the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC). 

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