20 June 2017

Miguel Poblete Cazenave, 2015 YSSP

Miguel Poblete Cazenave was a respondent on the 'Population/Education/ Migration' Panel at the YSSP 40th Anniversary Event.

Miguel Poblete Cazenave

Miguel Poblete Cazenave

Miguel Poblete Cazenave, 2015 YSSP

Research Assistant at the Energy Program, IIASA

Miguel Poblete Cazenave is a Ph.D. candidate in Economics at Stony Brook University and Research Assistant at the Energy Program (ENE) at IIASA. He previously received a B.Sc. in Engineering (2009) and an Industrial Engineering degree (2010) from the University of Santiago, Chile, and a M.A. degree in Economics from the University of Rochester (2012). His research focus on the development of structural models of labor market and household behavior, household energy choices in developing countries and demographic issues. He is currently working on modeling of household energy access and choices in Sub-Saharan countries to develop future scenarios and analyze different potential policies to get people to transition to cleaner fuels.

Regarding his YSSP experience, he states, "the YSSP allowed me to interact with great researchers from various disciplines and to look at global problems from different perspectives. In the end, we must integrate all these different points of view in order to look for potential solutions to the big issues that the world is facing."

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YSSP 40th Anniversary Event

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