20 June 2017 - 21 June 2017
Laxenburg Conference Center/IIASA

YSSP 40th Anniversary Event

The Young Scientists Summer Program celebrated its 40th anniversary this year on 20-21 June. 

This year marks the 40th Anniversary of the IIASA Young Scientists Summer Program, and IIASA is celebrated with an event for YSSP alumni on June 20-21, 2017. All YSSP alumni, from 1977-2017, were invited to Schloss Laxenburg to renew their ties to the Institute and each other, and consider the past and future of the YSSP. We also compiled a commemorative ClassBook, featuring a page contributed by every YSSPer.

IIASA YSSP: 40 Years and Beyond
20 June, Recorded videos:

Speaker names below link to presentation slides and bios.

Welcome by Joanne Linnerooth-Bayer (YSSP Dean), Nebojsa Nakicenovic (Deputy Director General/Deputy Chief Executive Officer), Roger Levien (YSSP Founder)

Panel 1: Energy, Climate, and Air
Keynote: From Kyoto to Paris: Evolution of Climate Governance and Research
by Dr. Yasuko Kameyama (1995 YSSP)

Respondents: Dr. Jeffrey Bielicki (2006 YSSP), Dr. Jeanne Anderer (technical writer/editor, Energy in a Finite World, 1981)
Moderator: Gregor Kiesewetter (2009 YSSP) 

Panel 2: Models, Policy and Global Risks
Keynote: The Next 25 Years: Key Challenges for Social Science in the Context of the New Technology Wave and Old Global Problems by Dr. Vladimir Salnikov (1996 YSSP)                     
Respondents: Dr. Anthony Patt (1997 YSSP), Dr. Gurneeta Vasudeva Singh (2004 YSSP)
Moderator: Brian Fath (1997 YSSP)

Panel 3: Population/Education/Migration
Keynote: Population Projections and Policy: Why Education Matters
by Dr. Elke Loichinger (2009 YSSP)
Respondents: Dr. Miguel Poblete Cazenave (2015 YSSP), Dr. Olha Danylo (2012 YSSP)
Moderator: Sergei Scherbov (1982 YSSP)

Panel 4: Ecosystems, Land Use, Water and Food  
Keynote: Living in the Age of Adaptation by Dr. Adil Najam (1994 YSSP)

Respondents: Dr. Junguo Liu (2005 YSSP), Dr. Pekka Kauppi (1981 YSSP)
Moderator: Linda See (IIASA ESM Research Scholar)   

Group Discussion II: Bringing YSSP home, The YSSP network and the YSSP philosophy Moderator:  Dr. Margaret Goud Collins

Wednesday, 21 June: IIASA  Wodak and Gvishiani Rooms

Small group sessions with YSSP alumni, Council, and IIASA Staff

9:00-10:00         Gvishiani Room, Bringing YSSP home: partnerships and spin-offs:
                         SA-YSSP, Pardee Global Fellows, AAAS S&T Policy Fellows, NAS Mirzayan
                         Fellows, SASAC
                         Organizer: Margaret Goud Collin; Resource persons: Kathie Bailey,
                         Ulf Dieckmann, Melody Mentz, Mary Scholes

10:00-10:45       Wodak Room, Modeling for Policy and Business Strategy: the example
                         of alternative fuel technologies
                         Organizer: Gurneeta Vasudeva Singh
                         Resource persons: Jens Borken-Kleefeld 

10:45-11:30      Gvishiani Room, Women in Science: mentoring programs
                        Organizers:  Amanda Palazzo, Olga Turkovska

11:30-12:15      Wodak Room, Tropical Futures and the YSSP network
                        Organizers: Florian Kraxner and Ping Yorwargana

12:15-1:00        Gvishiani Room, YSSP alumni network
                        Organizer: Margaret Goud Collins
                        Resource persons: Monika Bauer, Roger Levien

17:00 Vernissage of photographs by Dr. Roger Levien: A System Analyst's Views of New Mexico - A Complex, Dynamical System, IIASA Kaisergang

Photographs, audio, and video were captured during the event. By attending the event, participants grant IIASA permission to photograph and/or record them at the meeting, and distribute (both now and in the future) the Attendee's image or voice in photographs, videotapes, electronic reproductions, and audiotapes of such events and activities. 

The program focused exclusively on IIASA and YSSP and their impacts – past and future. On Day 1, YSSP Alumni speakers explored 4 themes that have been central to IIASA's research throughout its history. The program featured moderated panels of YSSP alumni on four global challenges, with time for discussion. Day 2 was devoted to small group discussions and networking, with a focus on how the YSSP alumni network could be more effective both for its members and for IIASA. 

We also need your help in reaching more YSSP alumni. Invite your YSSP friends to join the IIASA YSSP Facebook and LinkedIn Groups.


Since 1977, the IIASA annual 3-month Young Scientists Summer Program (YSSP) offers research opportunities to talented young researchers whose interests correspond with IIASA’s ongoing research on issues of global environmental, economic and social change. From June through August accepted participants work within the institute’s research programs under the guidance of IIASA scientific staff. Funding is provided through the IIASA National Member Organizations

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Tanja Huber

YSSP Coordinator and Team Leader Capacity Development and Academic Training Unit

Aleksandra Cofala

Postdoc Coordinator and YSSP Administrative Assistant Capacity Development and Academic Training Unit

Monika Bauer

IIASA Network and Alumni Officer Communications and External Relations Department

YSSP Stories and Memories

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