20 June 2017

Junguo Liu receives the Society for Ecological Restoration Communication Award

The Society for Ecological Restoration recently announced that the 2017 Communication Award would be presented to Prof. Junguo Liu, a research scholar at IIASA, as well as a professor at the Southern University of Science and Technology, in view of his outstanding contribution to the ecological environment. 

© Natthawee S. | Shutterstock

© Natthawee S. | Shutterstock

The Communication Award of the Society for Ecological Restoration (SER) was established in 1998 and is one of four awards given on a biennial basis by the Society. This award recognizes individuals or organizations who have made outstanding achievements in promoting the progress of ecological restoration, raising awareness about ecological restoration among the general public, facilitating ecological restoration cooperation, and/or improving the quality of ecological restoration practice. Recipients are selected by the SER Awards Committee on the basis of nominations received during an open nomination period, and are then formally recognized at the SER World Conference every two years.

The Communication Award is given to only one winner every second year. So far, there have been ten winners since the award was established in 1998. Junguo Liu is the first Asian scientist to win the prize. He is one of the most successful scientists in the field of hydrology and ecological restoration, and maintains active collaborations with scientists from dozens of countries such as China, Austria, the United States, UK, Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Canada, India, Pakistan, South Africa, Brazil and other countries to study hydrology and water resources, ecosystem services and ecological restoration through leading research projects.

Junguo Liu led the establishment of the Society for Ecological Rehabilitation of Beijing, the first society focusing on ecological restoration in China, and he currently serves as the founding president. He also created the Union of Societies for Ecological Restoration and Environmental Protection of Beijing, the first union of societies of the Beijing Association for Science and Technology system, and he currently serves as the Union’s first chairman. Junguo Liu was one of the first international scholars to propose the establishment of the Water Footprint Research Alliance, which was formally established at the World Water Congress in 2015. His leadership in the Union of Societies for Ecological Restoration and Environmental Protection of Beijing has allied 20 provincial-level academic societies, with a total of more than 30,000 members. The Union brings together the national experts in the field of ecosystems restoration, and provides scientific support and a communication platform for ecosystem restoration issues.

Prof. Liu participated in the YSSP in 2005 and is attending the 40th YSSP Anniversary at IIASA from 20–21 June 2017.

Society for Ecological Restoration (SER)

SER was founded in 1987. SER has members and partners in more than 60 countries and has 14 regional chapters worldwide, leading the way in promoting the development and expansion of global ecological restoration disciplines.

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Junguo Liu

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