20 June 2017

Olha Danylo, 2012 YSSP

Olha Danylo was a respondent on the 'Population/Education/ Migration' Panel at the YSSP 40th Anniversary Event.

© Olha Danylo

© Olha Danylo

Olha Danylo, 2012 YSSP

Research assistant, Environmental Resources and Development (ERD) and the Earth Observation Systems (EOS) groups, ESM, IIASA

Dr. Danylo graduated from the department of Applied Mathematics at Lviv Polytechnic National University (Ukraine) in 2012, with a MSc degree in Mathematical and Computer Modeling. She was awarded a scholarship of the President of Ukraine for Young Scientists, Ministry of Education and Science, Ukraine, in 2014 and returned to IIASA as recipient of the Ernst Mach Stipendium of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Science with a project on “Experiences with Household Sector Transformation during EU Integration: Implementation for Ukraine”. She obtained her PhD degree in Engineering Science at the Lviv Polytechnic National University (Ukraine) in 2015. Her current scientific interests include the usage of GIS and machine learning tools to analyze spatial and remote sensing data, aiming to improve land cover mapping and contribute to urban climatology science.

Regarding her YSSP experience, she states, "Working hard and being surrounded by young scientists was the best experience as a PhD student. That summer we learned a lot from each other and become real friends in such a short time."

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YSSP 40th Anniversary Event

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