04 October 2018 - 05 October 2018
Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia

Workshop on Haze and Biomass Burning in Asia

IIASA in cooperation with the Academy of Sciences Malaysia, will hold a workshop on haze and biomass burning in Asia on 4-5 October 2018.

© Ivan Lim Yu Meng - Dreamstime.com

© Ivan Lim Yu Meng - Dreamstime.com

The workshop will focus on biomass burning from a systems perspective, to reveal opportunities with benefits for long-term transformations. It will bring together scientists from different disciplines and countries to review the manifold aspects to solutions to biomass burning in Asia and through this, will identify connections between these aspects. Participants, will explore linkages that could increase acceptance of solutions among diverse stakeholders, this will lead to a joint research proposal to ope-rationalize linkages across sectors and issues, to identify integrated solutions that deliver benefits for a wide range of stakeholders and development goals.

Presentations at the workshop will review the current state of knowledge about the drivers of biomass burning from different sources in South-East Asia and their impacts on human health, ecosystems, climate and the economy. Most importantly, presentations will reveal the multiple benefits of potential policy interventions aimed at the reduction of biomass burning to different parts of the society, in order to explore solutions that could gain wide-spread support.

The workshop is being organized as part of a joint project between the IIASA Air Quality and Greenhouse Gases (AIR) Program and the Academy of Sciences of Malaysia (ASM), which aims to develop a science-based, solution-oriented systems perspective on biomass burning (including peat and forest fires) in Asia. The project will devise a plan for collaborative inter-disciplinary follow-up research activities on systems solutions to reduce the adverse impacts of biomass burning while contributing to the development targets. Ultimately, it will contribute to the creation of an interdisciplinary research community in Asia addressing solutions to biomass burning problems through a systems perspective. 

IIASA and Malaysia

Malaysia officially became a member of IIASA in 2011 through the Academy of Sciences MalaysiaSince joining IIASA, Malaysian researchers have started collaborating with IIASA researchers on projects focused on understanding and improving air quality, sustainable land management, the changing energy landscape, and projecting demographics in Malaysia.

Beyond continuing these new research collaborations, there is significant opportunity to grow the relationship between IIASA and Malaysia’s scholarly community. Opportunities for additional collaborations include developing bespoke Malaysian version of IIASA global models, conducting international assessments in areas of Malaysian strategic interests, partnering with Malaysian institutions to win international research grants, and contributing to Malaysian science diplomacy.

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Academy of Sciences Malaysia (ASM)

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