29 September 2019
Schloss Laxenburg, IIASA

IIASA Open Day

In cooperation with the Laxenburg mayor and all historic sites in town, IIASA will open its door to the general public on the National Heritage Day (Tag des Denkmals) on Sunday, September 29, 2019.



For the first time in many years, Schloss Laxenburg, or the "Blauer Hof" will be accessible to external visitors, who will have a unique chance to learn all about the history of the castle and IIASA. 

Visitors who register for one of the guided tours will be able to see countless attractions of the castle, including the Elisabeth Room with a majestic portrait of Empress Maria Theresia and the Sissi Pavillion.

If you are more interested in history of art and the Habsburgs’ time in Laxenburg, register for one of the "Schloss Laxenburg history" guided tours. These tours will only be given in German.

If you are interested in both the history of the castle and IIASA, register for one of "IIASA history" guided tours (in English or German)

The tours will take the visitors along the following route:

1. Tour start - Brief introduction to IIASA

2. Main staircase - IIASA Directors and Council Chairs

3. Wodak Room - The beginnings of IIASA

4. NMO Gallery - IIASA National Member Organizations

5. Elisabeth Room - The Habsburg Era

6. Sissi Pavillion - Empress Elisabeth in Laxenburg

7. Schlossplatz - End of tour

To participate in one of the tours, please fill out the form below. Note, that the maximum number of visitors per tour is 25. Tours will be offered free of charge.

Visitors without a valid registration will only be able to enter the main lobby of the castle.

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Laxenburg Open Day (auf Deutsch)

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