28 April 2014 - 02 May 2014
Vienna, Austria

IIASA at EGU 2014

IIASA researchers will present new findings on citizen science, deforestation, climate change, and risk management at the European Geophysical Union General Assembly 2014. 

Credit: Galina Shinkareva (distributed via imaggeo.egu.eu)

Credit: Galina Shinkareva (distributed via imaggeo.egu.eu)

The European Geophysical Union (EGU) General Assembly brings together researchers from all over the world in a meeting covering all disciplines of earth, space, and planetary sciences. IIASA researchers will present a variety of research during oral and poster presentations at the meeting. 


IIASA information booth:  IIASA representatives will host a booth at the meeting exhibition hall - come by to learn more about IIASA, our research, and opportunities for scientists at the Institute.  Ground Floor, Booth #46. 

Media Information: IIASA researchers are available to talk to the media during the conference, and Geo-Wiki project leader Steffen Fritz will also participate in a press conference on 1 May. More information for journalists will be available on the IIASA Media Center Web page. 

IIASA Alumni are invited to Laxenburg on Tuesday, 29 April to take part in the Institute's Alumni Day, which will include time for talks, networking, as well as a potluck dinner with current staff. All former staff, researchers, and YSSPers are invited to attend.  

Alfred Wegener Medal: On Wednesday, 30 April IIASA Alumni Eric Wood will be awarded the EGU's Alfred Wegener Medal for his pioneering contributions to hydrology and to its interactions with meteorology and climate change. Wood worked at IIASA in the 1970's. 

IIASA presentations

Monday, 28 April

ORAL: REDD+ projects in the Democratic Republic of Congo: impacts on future emissions, income and biodiversity 9:45-10:00, Monday, 28 April, Room G5. BG 2.2: Congo Basin Forest Dynamics Abstract: EGU2014-14713  Contact: Aline Mosnier 

ORAL: Integrated Land Information System - a relevant step for development of information background for PEEX? 14:00-14:15, Monday, 28 April, Room B11. AS4.4/BG5.5/CL4.7/SSS.0.14: Pan Eurasian Experiment (PEEX) Abstract: EGU2014-4143-2 Contact: Anatoly Shvidenko

POSTER: Renewable Energy Production fromWaste to Mitigate Climate Change and Counteract Soil Degradation – A Spatial Explicit Assessment for Japan 17:30-19:00, Monday, 28 April, ERE1.9/BG9.5 Sustainable biomass for raw materials and energy. Abstract: EGU2014-15935 Contact: Florian Kraxner

Tuesday, 29 April

ORAL: Risk Governance of Multiple Natural Hazards: Centralized versus Decentralized Approach in Europe 16:30-16:45, Tuesday, 29 April, Room G9. NH4.1 Extreme events, multi-hazard and disaster risk assessment Abstract: EGU2014-17029  Contact: Nadejda Komendantova 

POSTER: SOIL Geo-Wiki: A tool for improving soil information 17:30-19:00 Tuesday, 29 April ESSI1.8/EOS6 Citizen Empowered Science and crowdsourcing in geosciences. Abstract: EGU2014-2450. Contact: Ratislav Skalsky

POSTER: Diagnosing Disaster Resilience of Communities as Multi-scale Complex Socio-ecological Systems 17:30-19:00 Tuesday, 29 April. NH9.7 Resilience and vulnerability assessments in natural hazards and risk analysis. Abstract: EGU2014-16209. Contact: Wei Liu

POSTER: Generating local scale land use/cover change scenarios: case studies of high risk mountain areas 17:30-19:00 Monday, 28 April NH1.9 Hydro-meteorological hazards: Changing pattern of risk and effective risk mitigation strategies. Abstract: EGU2014-56745. Contact: Žiga Malek.

Wednesday, 30 April

ORAL: Cropland Capture: A Game to Improve Global Cropland through Crowdsourcing 11:00-11:15, Wednesday, 30 April, Room G3. ESSI1.8/EOS6 Citizen Empowered Science and crowdsourcing in geosciences Abstract: EGU2014-2004. Contact: Steffen Fritz 

ORAL: Forensic Analyses on A Compound Disaster and Its Impacts Following the 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake in China 16:30-16:45, Wednesday, 30 April, Room G1. NH9.2 Forensic Disaster Analyses – Learning from Disasters. Abstract: EGU2014-13388. Contact: Wei Liu 

POSTER: Global wheat production potentials and management flexibility under the representative concentration pathways 17:30-19:00, Wednesday, 30 April, Room G5. BG2.7/SSS10.6 Climate extremes, ecosystems and biogeochemical cycles Abstract: EGU2014-5906. Contact: Juraj Balkovic

Thursday, 01 May

PRESS CONFERENCE: The Unusual Suspects: Applying geosciences to crops, coffee, forensics, and wine. 10:00-11:00 Thursday, 1 May.  Press Room. (Open only to media) Steffen Fritz will discuss Geowiki and the Cropland Capture game. More information>>

The press conference will be streamed online through the EGU's live webstream channel. You may also ask questions to panellists using Skype (add egu.media to your contacts) or Twitter (tag your tweets with #askEGU).

ORAL: African crop yield reductions due to increasingly unbalanced Nitrogen and Phosphorus consumption 16:45-17:00, Thursday, 1 May, Room B6. SSS0.5 African Soils: challenges and opportunities. Abstract: EGU2014-1209. Contact: Christian Folberth

Friday, 02 May

POSTER: Evaluation of co-benefits from combined climate change and air pollution reduction strategies 17:30-19:00, Friday, 2 May. AS4.1/BG5.4/CL5.14 Chemistry-Climate Interactions, and Metrics to Inform Climate and Environmental Policies and Assessments. Abstract: EGU2014-147091  Contact: Shilpa Rao 


Photo Credit: Credit: Galina Shinkareva (distributed via imaggeo.egu.eu) Creative Commons License 

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