The IIASA Fund

Supporting IIASA's Research

For over four decades IIASA has conducted independent and interdisciplinary research to find solutions to a host of scientific, social, and policy problems.

The Institute's research has helped policymakers work towards sustainable, equitable solutions to global problems since the Institute was founded. Alongside the impacts of the science, IIASA researchers have been recognized for their individual contributions, in the form of numerous awards and prizes. See IIASA's Achievements.

IIASA's impact has ranged from pioneering new approaches in economics with implications for technology sector innovations to underpinning global environmental treaties to helping countries find paths to sustainable development. Read more on the IIASA impact and Highlights 2011 - 2015.

The IIASA Fund offers different avenues to support our mission. With the support of donors, the Institute can continue this important work and has more freedom to embark on innovative research projects outside IIASA's budget.

"IIASA has long been the path-breaker in integrated systems analysis ... It's always been about how to feed the planet or where are the energy resources going to come from by mapping a global-scale set of challenges and a global-scale set of projections and forcing a look - which almost no normal scientific enterprise does - at the interface between the physical environment and the human systems."
Jeffrey D. Sachs
Director, Earth Institute at Columbia University
Speaker at IIASA's 2007 Conference

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