23 April 2014

Earth League Annual Workshop 2014

Earth League members will meet following the release of the latest climate report from the IPCC, for a workshop entitled, "A World Under 2-4 degrees Warming." 

The first annual workshop of the Earth League will take place over 3 days, from the 23 - 25th April 2014, in time with the release of the final section of the IPCC Fifth Assessment. It will consist of Earth League members, selected prominent scientists and junior scientists and will look to shape the first phase of projects and activities of the Earth League.

IIASA Director General and CEO Prof. Dr. Pavel Kabat and Deputy Director Nebojsa Nakicenovic are founding members of the group, an alliance composed of leading scientists and institutions who deal with planetary processes and sustainability.

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Earth League Event Web page

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Nebojsa Nakicenovic

Emeritus Research Scholar Transformative Institutional and Social Solutions Research Group - Energy, Climate, and Environment Program


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