08 June 2015

One million dollars donated to IIASA to fund post-doctoral scholars

IIASA announces the success of its one million dollar fundraising campaign to support a Post-Doctoral Fellowship at the Institute in honor of former IIASA Director Peter Engel de Jánosi.

The donations will enable young scientists who have recently gained a PhD to develop their international and interdisciplinary research skills at IIASA and help them embark on careers in research. The Peter E. de Jánosi Post-doctoral fellows will work in fields related to policy and management issues.

Peter E de Jánosi (1928-2011) served as IIASA’s Director from 1990 to 1996 and helped guide the Institute from its original focus of using science to build bridges between the industrialized nations of the Cold War Eastern and the Western blocs to an emphasis on understanding and adapting to global environmental and economic change. This renewed approach set IIASA on the pathway to its present status as a global research institution, with member nations and research partnerships around the world.

The fundraising campaign began in October 2013, as a memorial to Peter E. de Jánosi, and as a tribute to his devotion to IIASA not only as Director, but also as a Council member in the 1980s, a Program Leader in the 1970s, and a supporter throughout the Institute’s history. IIASA is especially grateful to Henry Arnhold and his family for a major donation, which assured the success of the campaign, and to over thirty alumni and supporters who contributed to show their appreciation for the many years that de Jánosi devoted to the cause of improved international relations and global environmental conservation.

“My family is proud of my brother-in-law Peter’s contributions to the present strength and success of IIASA,” said Mr. Arnhold, “and we see clear connections between the Institute’s research and the critical international conservation advocacy and action that we have supported for decades.”

The First Peter E. de Jánosi Postdoctoral Fellow

In September 2015, Adam French from the University of California, Berkeley, will join IIASA as the First Peter E. de Jánosi Postdoctoral Fellow. “We are delighted that Adam is coming to IIASA to explore watershed management practices,” said Professor Dr. Pavel Kabat, Director General and CEO of IIASA. “We look forward to supporting and developing his research so that it produces excellent policy-relevant insights and analytical tools that develop more integrated—and ultimately more just, adaptive, and sustainable— water resource management practices.”

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