Previous Award Winners

2013 Winners

Peccei Scholarship: Benjamin Leibowicz PhD student in Management Science and Engineering at Stanford University, USA. (Energy Program)

Mikhalevich Scholarship: Eleanor Brush, Program for Quantitative and Computational Biology at Princeton University, USA. (Evolution and Ecology Program)

Honorable mention:Matt Leduc a Canadian PhD student at the Department of
Management Science & Engineering at Stanford University, USA (Advanced Systems Analysis Program)

Xi Pang a Chinese PhD student at the Department of Land and Water Resources Engineering, School of Architecture and the Built Environment at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. (Ecosystems Services and Management Program)

2012 Winners

Peccei Scholarship: Stefan Schreier from the Institute of Environmental Physics (IUP), University of Bremen, Germany. (Ecosystems Services & Management Program)

Mikhalevich Scholarship: Pin Pin Oh from the Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering, University of Nottingham, Malaysia. (Advanced Systems Analysis Program)

Mikhalevich Scholarship: Karol Opara from the Systems Research Institute, Polish Academy of Sciences.  (Advanced Systems Analysis Program)

2011 Winners

Peccei Scholarship: Honglin Zhong of the Department of Geography at East China Normal University, China. (Ecosystems Services & Management Program)

Peccei Scholarship: Joeri Rogelj of the Institue for Atmospheric and Climate Sciences in Zurich, Switzerland. (Energy Program)

Mikhalevich Scholarship: Anna Timonina of the Department of Statistics and Decision Support Systems, University of Vienna, Austria. (Risk and Vulnerabilty Program)

2010 Winners

Peccei Scholarship: Carl Salk of the Biology Department at Duke University, USA. (General Research Program)

Mikhalevich Scholarship: Elisabeth Wetterlund of the Department of Management and Engineering, Linköping University, Sweden. (Forestry)

Honorable Mention: Rennie Lee, Sociology Department at the University of California. (Health and Global Change Project)

2009 Winners

Peccei Scholarship: Zachary Brown of the Nicholas School of the Environment and Earth Sciences, Duke University, USA (Health and Global Change Project) and Austrian born Gregor Kiesewetter of the Institute of Environmental Physics, University of Bremen, Germany. (Atmospheric Pollution & Economic Development Program)

Mikhalevich Scholarship: Christian Hilbe of the Faculty of Mathematics, University of Vienna, Austria. (Evolution and Ecology)

2008 Winners

Peccei Scholarship: Italian born Flora Piasentin of the Federal University of Brasilia, Brazil. (Land Use Change and Agriculture Program)

Mikhalevich Scholarship: Jan Ohlberger from Germany. (Evolution and Ecology)

2007 Winners

Peccei Scholarship: Italian born Marta Vicarelli of Columbia University in New York. (Risk and Vulnerabilty Program)

Mikhalevich Scholarship: Andries Richter from the Netherlands. (Evolution and Ecology)

2006 Winners

Peccei Scholarship: Per Bodin of Sweden (Forestry) and Daniel Falster from Australia. (Evolution and Ecology)

Mikhalevich Scholarship: Andrey Krasovskii of Russia. (Dynamic Systems)

2005 Winners

Peccei Scholarship: Anne Maria (Mia) Eikeset of Norway (Evolution and Ecology) and Daniela Knorr of Germany. (Forestry)

Mikhalevich Scholarship: Geir Halnes from Norway (Dynamic Systems) and Bartosz Kozlowski of Poland. (Integrated Modeling Environment)

2004 Winners

Peccei Scholarship: Hiroshi Ito of Japan (Adaptive Dynamics) and
Sarah Staveteig of the USA. (World Population)

Mikhalevich Scholarship: Cesary Chudzian of Poland. (Risk Management Systems)

Honorable Mention: Erin Dunlop of Canada. (Adaptive Dynamics)

2003 Winners

Peccei Schlolarship: Christian Jørgensen of Norway (Adaptive Dynamics) and
Peter van Grinsven from the Netherlands. (Processes of International Negotiations)

Mikhalevich Scholarship: Tomasz Dysarz of Poland. (Risk, Modeling and Society)

2002 Winners

Peccei Scholarship: Tova Norlen of Sweden. (Processes of International Negotiations)

Mikhalevich Scholarship: Can Wang of China. (Environmentally Compatible Energy Strategies)

Honorable Mention: Sander Lensink of the Netherlands. (Dynamic Systems

2001 Winners

Peccei Scholarship: Anna Gårdmark of Sweden (Adaptive Dynamics) and
Yanhong Jin of China. (Land Use Change)

Mikhalevich Scholarship: Elena Moltchanova of Russia. (Forestry)

Honorable Mention: Alexander Mahura of Russia (Radiation Safety of the Biosphere) and Muneta Yokomatsu of Japan. (Risk, Modeling and Society)

2000 Winners

Peccei Scholarship: Ulrike Dusek of Austria (Air Pollution) and Odd Godal of Norway. (Risk, Modeling and Society)

Mikhalevich Scholarship: Kalle Parvinen of Finland. (Adaptive Dynamics)

1999 Winners

Peccei Scholarship: Lily Panyacosit of the USA (Air Pollution) and Janica Ylikarjula from Finland. (Adaptive Dynamics)

Mikhalevich Scholarship: Kevin Wheeler of the USA. (Land Use Change)

1998 Winners

Peccei Scholarship: Margaret Taylor of the USA. (Environmentally Compatible Energy Strategies) and Anton Dobronogov of the Ukraine. (Social Security Reform)

Mikhalevich Scholarship: Gebhard Banko of Austria. (Forestry)

Honorable Mention: to Gidske Andersen of Norway. (Forestry)

1997 Winners

Peccei Scholarship:  Keigo Akimoto of Japan (Environmentally Compatible Energy Strategies) and Tatiania Ermolieva of the Ukraine (Risk, Modeling and Society)

Mikhalevich Scholarship: Mikko Heino of Finland (Adaptive Dynamics)

1996 Winners

Peccei Scholarship: Lauren Hale of the USA (World Population) and Patricia Kandelaars of the Netherlands. (World Population)

Mikhalevich Scholarship: Oscar de Feo of Italy. (Dynamic Systems)

Honorable Mention: Plamena Gaydarova of Bulgaria (Land Use Change) and Vladimir Borisov of Russia. (Dynamic Systems)

1995 Winners

Peccei Scholarship: Gary Wojcik of the USA. (Air Pollution)

Mikhalevich Scholarship: Carina van Vliet of the Netherlands. (Optimization under Uncertainty)

1994 Winners

Peccei Scholarship: Kal Raustiala of the USA (International Environmental Commitments), Mari Pöyhönen of Finland (Methodology of Decision Analysis) and Alexander Tarasyev of Russia. (Dynamic Systems)

1993 Winners

Peccei Scholarship: Susan Murcott of the USA (Water Resources), Charlotte Jönsson of Sweden (Transboundary Air Pollution) and Karl Henrik Johansson of Sweden. (Dynamic Systems)

1992 Winners

Peccei Scholarship: Andrei Ganopolski of Russia (Environmental Change and Development) and Wolfgang Schopfhauser of Austria ..(Forestry)

1991 Winners

Peccei Scholarship: Wolfgang Keller of Germany (Economic Reform and Integration), Elena Boulanger of the USSR (System and Decision Sciences) and Amanda Wolf of the USA (Processes of International Negotiation)

1990 Winners

Peccei Scholarship: Deanna Haunsperger of the USA (Population), David Rios-Insua of Spain (System and Decision Sciences) and Yasumasa Fujii of Japan (Environmentally Compatible Energy Strategies)

1989 Winner

Peccei Scholarship: Ralph F. Lehmann of Germany. (Transboundary Air Pollution)

1988 Winners

Peccei Scholarship: Harry O. Helmisaari of Sweden (Biosphere Dynamics), Nedjalko Nikolov of Bulgaria (Biosphere Dynamics) and Olivier Dordan of France. (System and Decision Sciences)

1987 Winner

Peccei Scholarship: Mikhail Ter-Mikaeljan of the USSR. (Environmental Monitoring)

1986 Winners

Peccei Scholarship: Steven Underwood of the USA (Biosphere Dynamics), Yuri Ledyaev of the USSR (System and Decision Sciences), Peter Tallos of Hungary (System and Decision Sciences) and Yuri Kuznetsov of the USSR. (Biosphere Dynamics)

1985 Winners

Peccei Scholarship: Maria Holmberg of Finland (Acid Rain), Andrew Foster of the USA (Population) and Rafal Serafin of Canada. (Biosphere Dynamics)

1984 Winners

Peccei Scholarship: Sara Johnson of the USA (System and Decision Sciences) and Kees van Paridon of the Netherlands. (Economic Structural Change)

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