Policy and Governance 

IIASA research is problem-driven and solution-oriented. It provides knowledge and insights to those who make and implement policy, helping them respond to complex global challenges

IIASA works with the policy community and stakeholder representatives throughout the research process: defining the research agenda and specific research questions; refining models as results come in and issues evolve; and communicating findings in clear and useful formats.

Through these activities, IIASA establishes a feedback mechanism to ensure that the key points of the analyses have been accurately understood by decision makers so that they can be appropriately weighed in the relevant policy processes.

Governance is a critical component of a society’s capacity to respond effectively to major challenges. Governance mechanisms, for example, institutional arrangements for decision making and  policy implementation  and regulations and economic incentives, are considered as integral parts of systems analysis at IIASA.  

Below are some examples of the impact of IIASA's research on policy:

Atmospheric Pollution and Acid Rain

Options Magazine, September 1989 It was Professor Sten Nilsson of IIASA’s Forest Study who first drew attention to the impact of pollution on Europe's forest resources, advocating the formulation of a convention on forest decline in Europe.  More

Fiscal planning for extreme events in Mexico

Options Magazine, Winter 2011/2012: IIASA analysis has supported the Mexican government in trying to identifyhow best to prepare financially for a major natural disaster More

Planning for a Country's Energy Needs 

Options Magazine, Winter 2010/2011: More than 80 countries have used an IIASA analytical tool to find cost-effective approaches to meeting future energy needs More

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Last edited: 05 April 2016

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