Ferrero is the third biggest chocolate producer and confectionery company in the world; the Ferrero Group is present in 53 countries with products sold in more than 170 countries. The company has a demonstrated commitment to industry transformation and sustainability. 

© Ferrero

© Ferrero

Ferrero buys only segregated, sustainable palm oil, which is 40% more expensive than the non-sustainable alternative. Ferrero's Palm Oil Charter, cooperation with the UN (UN Global Compact, the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative), their company foundation and a group of ambassadors ensure that sustainability remains a critically important part of the company’s strategy. Ferrero's Farming Value Standard consists of 18 indicators, which is unprecedented in the industry.

IIASA has worked with Ferrero in the following areas:

13 June 2018
Ferrero YSSP Fellowship

Established for three years in 2016, the Ferrero YSSP Fellowship supported YSSP fellows, whose research interests aligned with IIASA expertise and research strategy, and contributed to Ferrero's long-term commitment to sustainable sourcing of raw materials and zero deforestation. More

14 August 2017
IIASA strengthens its partnership with Ferrero

A delegation from Ferrero, the third largest chocolate and confectionary company in the world, visited IIASA to further their innovative industry-research partnership and sign a new Memorandum of Understanding. More

07 June 2017
Focus on zero-deforestation palm oil in Malaysia

Many companies pledged to source deforestation-free palm oil only. What does that mean on the ground? A new IIASA study in collaboration with Ferrero sheds light on land use in palm estates in Malaysia. More

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