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Scientists within ASA  focus on exploratory research in collaboration with a large community of methodological and applied scientists and decision-makers both at IIASA and beyond. Joining the ASA program provides researchers at all career stages with a unique opportunity to work in a very dynamic, international, and interdisciplinary environment. We welcome researchers who want to develop and apply advanced mathematical and other methods of systems analysis to real-world problems related to human-environmental interactions.

There are four ways how to join the ASA research: 

As a participant of the Young Scientists Summer Program

Joining ASA as a YSSPer provides PhD students with an opportunity to work on a research project for three summer months under the supervision of IIASA scientists. The summer project can be a part of the PhD dissertation or a separate research.

Check the list of the past YSSP projects to sample previous topics conducted under ASA supervision and the testimonials of the former YSSPers.

If you are interested to apply for YSSP and work in ASA, contact the ASA YSSP representative Piotr Zebrowski.

As an IIASA postdoctoral researcher

Joining the ASA group as a postdoctoral scholar provides early-career researchers with an opportunity to design and carry out their individual research agenda with the intellectual freedom to explore high-impact topics.

If you are interested to apply for the IIASA postdoctoral program and work in ASA, contact the ASA Program Director Elena Rovenskaya.

Check the list of current IIASA postdoctoral researchers working in ASA.

As a staff member

The ASA group advertises open positions for new projects. Please, check our current vacancies.

As an external collaborator, visiting ASA for a period of days to months 

We welcome researchers who receive scholarships to do research at a foreign institution or researchers who want to spend their sabbatical at IIASA. Joining the ASA group as an external collaborator gives researchers an opportunity to expand their research and enlarge their professional network.

If you are interested to become the ASA collaborator, contact the ASA Program Director Elena Rovenskaya

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Last edited: 23 September 2019


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