Social and Political Conditions for Satisfying the World Food Needs (FoodSecure)

The FoodSecure project responds to the challenge of food shortages and volatility by enabling stakeholders to design sustainable strategies to assess and address the short- and long-term challenges of food security.


The project provides a toolbox that allows researchers to experiment, analyze, and coordinate the effects of short- and medium-term policies on food and nutrition security so that consistent, coherent, long-term strategies can be developed. 

The project draws on a multi-disciplinary science team to provide the knowledge needed to inform and guide decision makers and ther stakeholders in developing strategies to alleviate food shortages. The food system is analyzed in relationship to ecosystems, the energy sector, and financial markets, all of which are potential sources of shocks that can disrupt the food system. The food system is also examined in the context of fundamental societal trends and changing attitudes towards food consumption and production.

Project researchers are delivering new evidence on the drivers of global food and nutritional security, and are using harmonized data and modeling to better predict the patterns of future hunger. The project will also identify critical pathways for technological and institutional change and for EU policies in the areas of development aid, climate change, trade, common agricultural policy and renewable energy.

IIASA Research

Researchers with IIASA's Ecosystems Services and Management Program (ESM) will integrate the GLOBIOM model into the FoodSecure toolbox to help analyze different scenarios and study the interactions between EU policies and world food security. Policies related to trade, climate mitigation and adaptation, biotechnologies, bioenergy, or development aid will be included in the research, which is intended to help design more consistent and coherent long-term strategies with positive impact on world hunger.

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Last edited: 25 August 2015


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