Land Resources of Russia

Digital georeferenced databases on land resource issues in Russia

Land Resources disc cover

Land Resources disc cover

Land Resources of Russia (LRR) is a collection of databases centered on three major themes: 

  • Socioeconomics (statistics and infrastructure);
  • Natural conditions (climate, hydrology, permafrost, relief, lithology, vegetation, soils, biodiversity, ecosystems, and land cover); and
  • Land endowment (land use, agriculture, forest use, land productivity, desertification, and land degradation). 


  • LRR meets the need for comprehensive data on the land characteristics of Russia;

  • LRR is an information system that establishes land attributes in a traditional three-dimensional fashion: socioeconomic, natural characteristics, and land endowments, each divided into major topics; and

  • The database can be used in English and Russian.

How LRR works

LRR is presented in both English and Russian.

A full guide to downloading the data is available. Maps, descriptive text, and an explanatory glossary illustrate the databases presented, and basic references are provided.


First issued in 2002, LRR responds to the need for an integrated information system on Russian land resources that:

  • Is compatible with international standards
  • Can be used in modern analysis and GIS technologies
  • Is accessible to national scientists and the international community
  • Can be used in academic and practical applications.

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