01 October 2015
Durban, South Africa

The way forward via integrated South-South cooperation an IIASA side event at the WFC2015

An event, organized by Dr. Pietsch on behalf of IIASA and partners, brought together experts in the field to discuss current success and limitations of South-South Cooperation (SSC) in forestry.

© Vincentvanoosten, © Iuliia Timofeeva, © Noppakun | Dreamstime.com

© Vincentvanoosten, © Iuliia Timofeeva, © Noppakun | Dreamstime.com

The event “The way forward via integrated South-South Cooperation” (SSC) focused on the role of SSC within the forestry sector and the inter-connected issues of food security and climate change mitigation. Besides an overview of past and present SSC success stories, the session provided a forum for exchange among ongoing SSC projects in the training, education, science and policy sectors and enhanced SSC within forestry. 

It was agreed that the collaborative integration of all stake holders and a fluid transfer of local and regional development achievements is key for future SSC success at the economic, environmental and political level. Forestry-SSC is an important vehicle for socio-economic development and food security by profiting from southern experiences on the integration of forests and other land uses. As prerequisites for SSC success we identified joint efforts in governance improvement by capacity building and cooperation for improved decision making. Using SSC to foster product innovation and sustainable trade provides us with a promising pathway for building resilience with forests: Resilience in an ecological sense, but equally well in an economic, sociological and political sense in order to ensure sustainable futures for the global South. The side event promoted such solutions to increase the visibility and impact of ongoing SSC at the local, regional, continental and global level.

The event was sponsored by the REDD-PAC project and is part of IIASAs Tropical Futures Initiative.

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