Pinpointing the human value in the migrant masses

PODCAST - 07 October 2016 Deutsche Welle


Wolfgang Lutz and Zakarya Al Zalak from the World Population Program were interviewed by Deutsche Welle journalist Kerry Skyring about the background and human value of refugees, results from a recent study conducted at IIASA in collaboration with researchers from the Wittgenstein Centre (IIASA, VID/ÖAW, WU).

The podcast discusses opportunities and challenges of the migrant masses coming from Syria and other countries to Europe in 2015, and why it is important to invest in the education and efficient integration. The full story is also available on the Deutsche Welle website: Inside Europe: Pinpointing the human value in the migrant masses.

Training for the survey conducted for the IIASA study in 2015. © Judith Kohlenberger


Wolfgang Lutz

Interim Deputy Director General for Science Directorate - DDG for Science Department

Senior Program Advisor Population and Just Societies Program

Senior Program Advisor Social Cohesion, Health, and Wellbeing Research Group - Population and Just Societies Program


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