Council Committee Membership

The Council conducts much of its work through an Executive Committee, a Finance, Risk and Audit Committee, a Membership Committee, and a Research and Engagement Committee.

For the period from 1 January 2021 to 31 December 2023

Council Chair and Vice Chairs 

Michael Clegg, Council Chair
Lea Kauppi, Vice Chair
Kazu Takemoto, Vice Chair

The delegation of authority framework of Council and Council Committee outlines the tasks which should be dealt with by the full Council and those which should be delegated to respective Council Committees (PDF).

Council Executive Committee

  • Michael Clegg (Council Chair)
  • Lea Kauppi (Council Vice Chair)
  • Kazu Takemoto (Council Vice Chair)
  • Ingrid Petersson, Chair of the Finance, Risk and Audit Committee
  • Kirsten Broch Mathisen, Chair of the Research and Engagement Committee
  • KC Moon, Chair of the Membership Committee
  • Christian Koeberl, ex-officio as host country representative
  • Vladislav Panchenko, at-large member 
  • Pradeep Srivastava, at-large member

Council Finance, Risk and Audit Committee

  • Ingrid Petersson (Chair)
  • Livia Pelli Palumbo
  • Ninh Khac Ban 
  • Christian Koeberl  
  • Helga Weisz 

Council Membership Committee

  • KC Moon (Chair)
  • Pradeep Srivastava (Vice Chair)
  • Olena Borodina
  • Anna Jurikova 
  • Vladislav Panchenko 
  • Mahmoud Sakr  

Council Research and Engagement Committee

  • Kirsten Broch Mathisen (Chair)
  • Sarah Webb (Vice Chair)
  • Eaman Eftekhary
  • Amna Jrrar
  • Itai Sened
  • Xincheng Xie  

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