13 June 2013
Gvishiani Room

Water Futures and Solutions Initiative Seminar

Professor Charles Vörösmarty of WFaS gives a seminar to IIASA's young summer scientists on: Water, Threats, Water Security and the Hippocratic Oath



As stresses on the global water system mount so has the search for reasonable options to realize global water security. This seminar will explore the current situation and potential future projections through collaboration with the IIASA/UNESCO Water Futures and Solutions Initiative  (WFaS). A central but unanswered question is that of water development and the preservation and use of water related ecosystems services. Accessing these options with the aim of achieving long term progress in human water security and truly sustainable development remains a grand challenge. 

The presentation is available here.

Read more about the presenter and his role at IIASA.

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Last edited: 25 November 2013

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