24 November 2014 - 25 November 2014
IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria

Arctic Futures Initiative - Advisory Group Meeting

The second meeting for advising the planning phase of the AFI. The objective of the meeting is to draft an AFI strategy document for collaboration with the Arctic Council and nationally, plan the next steps for AFI, and establishment of Advisory Group memberships.

The Arctic Futures Initiative aims to bring together representatives from the Arctic Council’s Senior Arctic Officials, Working Groups, Task Forces, and Secretariats, representatives from the Arctic Economic Council, major national funding agencies, and the private sector. The AFI will bring together the views of the Arctic states and indigenous peoples.

Start: 12:00, Monday, 24 November;
Finish: 16:00, Tuesday 25 November.

Questions Addressed

    1. What are the main gaps in our knowledge on the potential development pathways of the Arctic region in connection to global developments?
    2. What is the optimal design of a joint project by uniting four pillars – research – policy – business – media for a solid foundation for a holistic assessment on plausible futures of the Arctic?
      1. What strategies should be used for co-designing a joint project for developing common understanding of the decisions and actions needed for potential sustainable futures of the Arctic?
        1. What type of framework should be established for studying the dynamics and adaptive capacity of resources governance?
          1. What processes and analyses are needed to obtain joint stakeholder consensus and satisfaction for the governance of Arctic resources?
            1. What is lacking or should be improved in research communities’ approaches to the Arctic?
            2. Who should also be involved in the planning of Arctic Futures Initiative?
            3. Which organizations and/or institutes should be involved?
            4. What could be the concrete steps towards a joint project?

            Background Information

            The International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA), is in the planning phase of a new integrative research project, the Arctic Futures Initiative (AFI), aiming to exploit IIASA’s singular position as an international, non-governmental research organization with connections, through its National Member Organizations, to the science and policy communities of essentially all of the Arctic Council member and observer nations, and with a long history of developing systems analytic approaches to complex global issues.

            This Project reflects a key conclusion from a seminar “Policy Support from Arctic Research” held in Helsinki, Finland in May 2013, jointly organized by the Finnish Prime Minister's Office, the Academy of Finland, and IIASA. The need for a holistic, integrative assessment of plausible futures for the Arctic, cutting across different disciplines and individual countries’ strategic interests was the central message of the meeting, as well as from subsequent meetings and discussions held in Finland, Russia and USA during the winter and spring of 2013-14.

            A key decision taken during the “Special Session” organized 21 May 2014 at IIASA in connection with the “Arctic Scenarios Workshop” included the establishment of an Advisory Group for the Arctic Futures Initiative. The Advisory Group will set the priorities and goals for the initiative, advise and advance the strategy, methodology and tools for a holistic, interdisciplinary integrative approach, monitor the progress, and adjust the work plans if needed.

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            A new IIASA flagship initiative will bring a holistic systems perspective to the Arctic.


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