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12 June 2019
Fostering cooperation, good governance, and connectivity in the digital era

Dmitry Erokhin shares his thoughts on the promotion of economic progress and security through energy cooperation, good governance, and connectivity in the digital era.  More

16 January 2019
Building bridges between Europe and Asia

WU Vienna MSc student and IIASA Youth Forum participant Dimitry Erokhin reports on his visit to the “Connecting Europe and Asia” conference and why Eurasian cooperation is so important.  More

04 June 2018
Exploring the economics of the ‘Lisbon to Vladivostok’ idea concretely

Michael Emerson talks about the challenges of creating a common Eurasian economic space.  More

01 December 2017
Foreign direct investments in Eurasia: too little and from the wrong places?

Peter Havlik explores why some Eurasian countries have not proven particularly attractive for foreign investors.  More

21 September 2017
Not a heron: the Eurasian Economic Union should ‘stand on two legs’

Evgeny Vinokurov: Why partnerships with the EU and Asia are vital for the Eurasian Economic Union countries  More

21 September 2015
A new vision of Trans-Eurasian transportation

How a transportation and infrastructure megaproject could transform Europe, Asia, and Russia.  More

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