Models, Tools, and Data

The major models, research tools, and databases produced by IIASA are listed below. Many of the results and methodologies of these resources are documented in refereed scientific literature available in the IIASA repository PURE.

Energy & Climate Change

AMPERE Scenario database

The AMPERE database, operated by IIASA for the AMPERE consortium, hosts the model results for work packages 2, 3, and 5, as well as the results from the model diagnostics project. AMPERE scenario data were used in a series of research papers, which were published in a special issue of Technological Forecasting and Social Change as well as other journals. In addition, the results were used in the 5th Assessment Report of Working Group III of the IPCC. More


A model that optimizes the allocation of renewable energy systems from the local, regional, national or European level. More

IPCC AR5 Scenarios Database

The IPCC AR5 Scenarios Database documents the long-term scenarios as reviewed in the Fifth Assessment Report (AR5) of Working Group III of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). More

LIMITS Scenario Database

The LIMITS Scenario database, operated by IIASA for the LIMITS consortium, hosts the results of the LIMITS modeling comparison exercise. The LIMITS project aims at advancing the understanding of the implementation of climate policies consistent with 2 degree Celsius. The main objective of the project is to provide an assessment of the emissions reductions strategies at the level of the world and the major global economies. More


A modeling framework for medium- to long-term energy system planning, energy policy analysis, and scenario development More

Primary, Final and Useful Energy Database (PFUDB)

A historical database of energy use by country or region, energy level, sector, energy carrier, and end-use type. More

Food & Water


A model that optimizes the allocation of renewable energy systems from the local, regional, national or European level. More


A model that traces land embodied in trade and consumption More

The Global Forest Model (G4M)

Comparing incomes from forestry and alternative land uses More

Hybrid Land Cover of Russia

A system integration of ground and remote sensing data that parametrizes Russian territory at a 1km spatial resolution for forests and includes tree species, age, and biomass distribution. More


A global model to assess competition for land use between agriculture, bioenergy, and forestry More

World Food System model (WFS)

The world food system model comprises a series of national and regional agricultural economic models. It provides a framework for analyzing the world food system, viewing national food and agricultural components as embedded in national economies, which in turn interact with each other at the international trade level. More

Poverty & Equity


A modeling approach to improve financial disaster risk management More

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