BeWhere Description

A model that optimizes the allocation of renewable energy systems from the local, regional, national or European level.

Model Structure

The BeWhere model is a mixed integer linear program, techno-economic model, geographically explicit, and it is static.

It minimizes the objective function defined as:

(Total cost) = (Production cost) + (Total emissions) * (Carbon cost)

where (Production cost) and (Total emissions) are the production cost and the total emissions of the whole supply chain respectively.

Based on the economy of scale, the model determines the optimal numbers, properties (capacity, technology) and the localization of renewable energy systems for the welfare of the region studied.



A large variety of feedstock can be considered in the model. Nevertheless, the focus is on second generation biofuel, and therefore, crop residuals, forestry waste, lignocellulosic industrial waste are included in the model.



A transport network is included in the model. Transportation by the combination of truck, train and boat is possible regarding the infrastructure of the region.



The selected energy system can be new solar power plants, wind mills, hydro power station or bioenergy production plants or the combination of all four technologies. for the bioenergy production plants, biofuel production plant or combined heat and power plant can be setup. Different technologies such as gasification or hydrolysis and fermentation can be selected.



The heat, power and transport fuel demand have to be met by the new renewable energy systems, imports or/and additional fossil fuel based energy commodities in regards with prices and emissions.

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Sylvain Leduc

Research Scholar Agriculture, Forestry, and Ecosystem Services Research Group - Biodiversity and Natural Resources Program

BeWhere Model

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